Colin Fitz Lives! Movie Review

While exploring other lives and unfamiliar worlds real or imaginary, is the big thrill of the film experience, the movie screen as a mirror held up to audiences by filmmakers is another matter, and an opportunity for some surreal soul searching. In other words, can we really get that weird? Robert Bella’s Colin Fitz Lives! is just that sort of kooky critical analysis of homo sapien eccentricities, specifically related to extreme celebrity obsession, even after one’s idols are quite dead.

The combo musical satire/mockumentary plays out in a suburban graveyard, where the late rock superstar Colin Fitz has been buried for the last five years. As a succession of make believe talking head surprise cameo-laced eternal fans mourn his passing, the rocker’s widow, Justice Fitz (Julianne Phillips) hires a security company to stand vigil at his grave. The intention is to prevent any bizarre premeditated rituals by crazed worshipers, who might pay a fifth anniversary visit.

William H. Macy as the grumpy security company head and the two mismatched misfits assigned to cemetery duty that he supervises – Matt McGrath as a reticent health nut and Andy Fowle as a macho beer guzzling junk food enthusiast – make for a trio radiating goof chemistry galore. This, as possible menacing apparitions along with uninvited seductresses like Martha Plimpton turn up, even as Macy’s stingy boss drops by with jelly sandwiches minus the peanut butter.

Though the Fitz-addicted faux interviews laced throughout these overnight proceedings can tend toward monotonous excess, those three working stiff wackos supply plenty of wit and charm to redeem the distracting detours. While the silliness surrounding celebrity worship receives the sort of hilarious mock funeral hopefully, that it well deserves.

Sundance Selects

Rated R

2 1/2 stars