As Good As Dead: Neo-Nazis and Landlords From Hell

While one naturally anticipates expecting the unexpected in political noir thrillers like As Good As Dead, nearly as surprising is the background which filmmaker Jonathan Mossek brings to this story. Which touches on revenge and counter-revenge, and playing out on Bible belt right wing extremist turf.

A veteran NBC cameraman feeding footage to The Today Show and hosts Terry Sanders and Natalie Morales and stationed at numerous war fronts from Kosovo to Afghanistan and Iraq, Mossek is currently on location with the Chilean miners for the past month. And he was also born in tension plagued Israel.

And Mossek brings to this grueling suspenseful hostage drama starring Frank Whaley, Cary Elwes, Andie Macdowell and Brian Cox, a very personally derived passion and perspective. Including dramatic elements gleaned from notions about landlords from hell, war correspondent junkies, Afghan mujahideen staked out in NY, born again heartland neo-nazis and growing up in a divided Middle East ‘on steroids.’


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