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Did the US culture of violence drive the Connecticut mass murderer over the edge?

Former police investigator and Vietnam veteran turned filmmaker Stephen McClellan Ryder engages in psychological profiling, and connections to the dangerous combat simulator video game Call Of Duty, the Klan, Ruby Ridge, Waco, and doomsday survivalism.

Stephen Ryder was born in Monticello, New York in 1943, and he grew up in the Bronx, on Sedgwick Avenue. After leaving De Witt Clinton High School, he joined the U.S. Army at the beginning of the Vietnam era.

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Il Illuminado

A conversation with Mexican-American writer, Ilan Stavans. The culture critic delves into his graphic mystery novel about the buried history of Latino Crypto-Jews in the Americas, along with the politics and art of irreverent cartooning.

Stavans is a Mexican-American man of many hats. He is an essayist, lexicographer, cultural commentator, translator, short-story author, publisher, TV personality, and teacher.

With great insight into American, Hispanic, and Jewish cultures, he is the Lewis-Sebring Professor in Latin American and Latino Culture (Spanish) and also Chair of Spanish at Amherst College.

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