Arts Express: Ingrid Betancourt Talks FARC Captivity

Even Silence Has An End: A conversation with Ingrid Betancourt, about her memoir revisiting her life under FARC captivity in Colombia. But that end of silence incited a web of controversy that Betancourt may not have anticipated, heated verbal accusations not from the FARC, but rather fellow hostages and the Colombian government. And Betancourt’s search for logic in the concept that ‘we are all entitled to our own truth.’

Puncture Movie Commentary: A grueling biopic about junkie lawyer Mike Weiss’ meltdown, and his David and Goliath ready to rumble litigation against the corrupt US health care system and syringe capitalism. Weiss, played by Chris Evans aka Captain America, so to speak sticks it to the medical establishment in Puncture.

Listen to the Interview Here:

How Do I Look?: Psychotherapist and Harvard Med School Professor Emily Fox-Kales mulls the politics and economics of weight and image obsessions, in her book Body Shots: Hollywood And The Culture Of Eating Disorders. And what it may have to do with the Mayflower, meat, sex, cell phones and Graham Crackers.

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