Arts Express: Elizabeth Hurley Talks The Royals

Elizabeth Hurley Talks The Royals

A conversation with UK actress Elizabeth Hurley, delving into this small screen satirical series probing pathological palace intrigue at Buckingham. And as re-imagined from a US perspective on this irreverent and lurid freaky figurehead buffoonery, when not cranky self-parody. And, holiday greeting from the royal family, though more akin to Halloween.

Seder Masochism

Artist, filmmaker, animator, cartoonist and free culture copyright activist Nina Paley ventures into a very different take on power and religion, with her groundbreaking and luminous work of literally biblical proportions. Touching on the reverse continuum between the Greed Decade and the parting of the Red Sea, Zionism, atheism, patriarchy, goddess worship, the Golden Calf, Louis Armstrong, and whether or not Paley was a weird child.

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The Paradise Suite

Dutch filmmaker Joost Van Ginkel is on the line to Arts Express to talk about his Best Foreign Film Oscar entry this year, exploring through this furiously dark feature the suffering and horror of the ongoing refugee crisis in Europe in its most brutal manifestations, the ensuing sex trafficking and its raw brutality, and related media distortions routinely presenting effects minus causes. And, according to Van Ginkel on the subject of the artistic imperative, though a movie may not effect social change, not making the movie will certainly not.

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