Arts Express: Comfort Women Opens At St Clement’s Theatre Off-Broadway

Sex Slavery Then And Now: Rape And War

Comfort Women: The Musical

Or rather, WW II Japanese military rape camps. A conversation with the star of this new Off-Broadway play, Sandra Lee, herself a victim of rape in the military as a soldier in Iraq. And how immersing herself in her character, a survivor of those WW II female concentration camps erased from history, has helped her engage in a personal emotional struggle against PTSD and begin a healing process, as well as channeling her artistic expression on stage. Directed by Dimo Kim.


Comfort Women: The Musical opens Friday July 31st through Sunday August 9th.

Theatre at St. Clements

423 W. 46th St

New York, NY 10036



Magical realism melded with ancient tribal myth meets guerrilla warfare in this tropical political thriller from Argentina. Filmmaker Pablo Fendrik phones in from Buenos Aires to describe how he lived among farmers of the rainforests to gather oral history about their struggles resisting multinational mercenaries pushing them off their land. The film stars Gael Garcia Bernal, moving on from The Motorcycle Diaries to inhabit a mythical half human, half jaguar guerrilla warrior in this movie.

Book Corner: I Am Lucille Ball

Children’s author Brad Meltzer in a conversation about making prominent personalities come alive for young people, his series that includes a biography of Rosa Parks as well. And what his book about Lucille Ball has to do with reality TV, mirrors, Bette Davis and the goofy and self-deprecating public face of the most powerful woman behind the scenes in Hollywood during her lifetime.

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