Arts Express: CNN Reporter Jane Velez Mitchell Talks Exposed

Jane Velez Mitchell Talks Exposed: CNN tabloid television news reporter Jane Velez Mitchell apologizes for phoning in late to Arts Express, to discuss her coverage of the Arizona trials of crime of passion, obsessed convicted murderer Jodie Arias, compiled in her just released book, Exposed.

A trial now entering a penalty phase for the second time, to determine a death sentence or life in prison. Arts Express interrogates Velez Mitchell and her own seeming obsession with the case, as we put her on trial a little too, during this cross-examination on the air.

Raising questions about stuff that doesn’t seem to quite add up, including assorted sensationalistic elephants in the room. And what any of it may have to do with Mormonism, Marilyn Monroe, race, sex and even the mortgage crisis.


Toronto Film Festival Report: Finnish director Pirjo Honkasalo phones in to Arts Express from Helsinki on her way to the Toronto Film Festival, to delve into her dark dramatic feature probing the plight of disaffected youth, Concrete Night [Betoniyo]. Part of the annual art house selections at the Toronto Film Festival, known as the Master Series. And with Concrete Night officially billed there as Finnish Noir. Or, is it? According to the director, maybe not. Honkasalo also discusses Finnish sensibility in her film, and how as a culture, ‘we are not afraid of silence.’ Also, how she was adamant about fleshing out her brooding tale in a cyberspace-free zone. And by way of introduction, what her film isn’t about.

Prairie Miller is a New York multimedia journalist online, in print and radio, who reviews movies and conducts in-depth interviews. She can also be heard on WBAI/Pacifica National Radio Network’s Arts Express.