Arts Express: Alive Inside Director Michael Rossato-Bennet Talks Music vs Meds

Alive Inside: Music vs. Meds.

Filmmaker Michael Rossato-Bennet confronts the appalling treatment of the elderly in institutions, in his Sundance Audience Award winning documentary. Uncovering the power of individualized music via headsets to heal, and bring withdrawn souls back to vivid life. And why the drug corporations and nursing home industry are opposing these efforts, neither of which entity is in the business of curing people. But rather perpetuating profit by solely treating symptoms instead.

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Director Daniel Peddle Talks The Rural Route Film Festival.

Taking on tour dramas and documentaries from around the world that spotlight rural life everywhere. And dedicated to correcting stereotypes and caricatures of rural people on both the big and small screen. Peddle also discusses his Festival entry, Sunset Edge, a moody backwoods trailer park noir.

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