Hennessy Artistry, the Mix, and Interviews With Two Stars of The Show

Hennessy Artistry is all about the global art of mixing. This September has seen not only a great mix in the world’s No 1 selling cognac with five additional mixes such as Hennessy Berry, Apple, Ginger, Citrus and Hennessy Soda on offer at Sydney’s newest luxury nightclub, Marquee, but also a great mix of rising talent in the music industry.

Hennessey’s Australian Brand Manager, Damon-Ross-Walker says Hennessy Artistry is all about the blending of musical and artistic Talents from different genres and cultures, and is a celebration of how Hennessy Cognac is created-a blend of many different eaux-de-vie. Hennessy Artistry has a long tradition of showcasing and collaborating with new and emerging talents. We are thrilled to be able to bring together this line up of artists to the audience in Australia.

And what a line up it was, we had the pleasure of Eva T “The Diva of South.” Eve Dj is all over the place, touring Malaysia and overseas. She was voted the best new DJ 2011 from Juice Malaysia and has the honour of being the first female DJ to showcase her talents on stage. Australia’s wild child, DJ Andy Murphy also added to the mix at Marquee. Andy travels to clubs across Australia and the world. He has a string of solo releases including a regular “one love.”

Next up is all round entertainer. I mean all round, he sings, dances, writes, acts and if that isn’t enough he is also a choreographer). It’s Australia’s own Timomatic, who is making his mark on the international music scene after being signed by Sony Music Australia in 2011. Timomatic has also been a supporting artist for Salt-n-Pepa and Janet Jackson on their Australian tours.

The newest of the Hennessy Artistry line-up, hip hop sensation is the Miracle. At just 20, Miracle caught the attention or record labels and signed with Sony Music Australia after his HSC music composition caught their attention. The track that caused the stir was ‘Better Dayz.’ His friends shot a clip for it and it was uploaded onto U Tube and gained over 100,000 views.

I was lucky and got Interviews with Timomatic and Miracle who shared their best moments from the Hennessy Artistry event and some great advice for young or not so young talent out there.

First up I asked the guys what it was like bringing the Hennesy Artistry event to life, and how did it go bringing the event together with the other artists?

Timomatic: It was great. It came together quite quickly. Working with Miracle and each artist together it was actually quite exciting, because I don’t think any of the other artists knew what each of us was bringing to the table. So when we brought it together, it was fresh, and it was cool.

Miracle: Yeah great. The event was amazing. It was probably one of the best shows I have ever had. It was definitely the highlight of my career so far. I’m coming up so it’s definitely the high light of that. Hennesy was great. Everyone was so nice. They loved the music and it looked like everyone had a good time which was what it was all about and I had a good time.”

What was the highlight of the event for you both?

Timomatic: Ah, the highlight of the event, I think was just performing our song. It was pretty amazing to perform on the platform. It was fantastic, so the whole event really.

Miracle: The highlight of the event was definitely performing in two sets, like in my set, people looking at me for the first time. They looked like they were enjoying themselves and everybody was singing along. It was just cool, a good vibe.”

I read Miracle that your love of skateboarding led to your career as a rapper how did that happen?

Miracle: I’m from Western Sydney and all the kids here are just into skating and back when I first moved to the city they would take me to skate parks. We would freestyle. We sang at the skate parks together, it was cool. If I wasn’t skating I was singing.”

So you Think You Can Dance and Australia’s got talent, these shows must have 100s of 1000s of young people auditioning for them? Can you tell us how hard it is to get through and how hard you’ve got to work to maintain your fame and push yourself onward?

Timomatic: You really don’t know how it will throw you and what way it will take you onto a career. All I can draw on is my time on the show. It’s very gruelling. It’s like putting your performance under a telescope. You know every week people are commenting and saying their assumptions and opinions of what they think you are about and whether positive or negative you have to keep going through a lot of really gruelling hours. I think it was knowing who I was, the artist that I wanted to be and what I wanted to get from the competition that made it an experience for me. I stayed true to me. I knew what artist I wanted to be and where I wanted to go and I made sure that everyone around me knew that too.”

So you’re saying to be true to yourself and your goals all the way through?

Timomatic: Yeah, you know what, without winning the shows going to be over in three months and you know, you’ve got to spend the rest of your life knowing who you are.”

What advice could you give to young hopeful singers, musicians, dancers and song writers who want to make it in the industry, but don’t think they’re good enough or that it’s too hard to get there?

Miracle: It’s all about your confidence. If you think you are good enough then go for it. No one can tell you that you’re not good enough, but you’ve got to work to be good enough for yourself before everyone else, you know what I mean?

So definitely just work to your passion and your strengths.

So work hard and be true to yourself?

Miracle: Definitely be true to yourself yeah.”

Timomatic: It can take years and years or it can take months if you’re ready. There are a lot of talented people out there, so it’s really about being ready, taking hold of the career that you want. You in the worlds eye, so it’s almost be careful what you wish for because it just might happen and you’ve got to have your hands out ready to touch it.

Wonderful advices from two very talented and grounded young men. Hennessy has been promoting Hennessy Artistry since 2006 through unforgettably exciting music experiences in major cities across the globe, including, New York, Los Angeles, Moscow and Hong Kong. If you missed this Hennessy Artistry event there’s some good news, two more events are planned for Australia before this year ends.

Watch out for Timomatics new Album coming soon. He says “There are some 13 tracks that are very, very close to me, close to my heart, to share with the world.”

Miracle is busy working on and promoting his first album. “The next couple of months are gonna be like hairy” but also adds that all the hard work is definitely worth it. If that’s your passion then go for it.”

For more details on Hennessy Artistry visit www.facebook.com/Hennessy.Australia

Fiona Hammond is a journalist who graduated from the John Morris journalism academy. Fiona lives on the south coast of NSW Australia and writes human interest stories and opinions, about gardening, sustainability, fishing, the environment and our planet.