Summer Food and Fun

By: Mamta Patel Nagaraja, Ph.D.

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Or patiently finger-picking the ends off of green beans and diligently slicing them in thirds. So when I saw these green beans, my assumed “efficiency” walked right out the door and the au natural Mamta took over. I seized as many of these gorgeous, perfectly crisp beans as I could and racked my brain for creative recipes. I settled on sundried tomatoes and olive oil. Something simple and fresh. As for the squash, all I could think of was the fragrant smell of roasting and the herbs from my garden: rosemary and thyme. So woodsy. So yummy. One of my favorite skills is being able to open the pantry and refrigerator and conjure a dish from “nothing.” Lucky for you, I remembered it long enough to write down so you too can enjoy the summer. To make this dish, visit my recipe wiki.

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