Roast Beef a Perfect Sunday Treat!

Sunday is the day of rest and God’s Day! A SUNDAY ROAST makes my Sunday complete. A Sunday roast would be a delight if mix with carved veggies, mash, roast potatoes, gloppy gravy and yorkshire puddings!

Every Sunday is now Sunday roast day! I am adding a new day to your calendar. But I want you to be in your limits of greatness and taste. I’m not going to ask you to kill a cow.

The Roast:

Even the word makes your mouth water. I just want to dig in to it now. Children won’t appreciate this until they leave home and miss your cooking. So make good with them. Hopefully when they leave, they’ll love coming back and rush back when your about to serve up. Meat is the main part of this. Beef is perfect for Sunday roast. Americans can call it thanksgiving practice to make it seem less or out of character to be eating turkey, and who doesn’t love feeling sleepy after right?

So lets choose Beef this time. Poke me on twitter for the others. In a decent sized roasting tin, put your beef in.

So as a dirty celiac, I’m limited to gravy. But you can use any, unless your like me, where we only get to enjoy the smell. Place the beef in the pan and chop some onions. Dice some garlic and throw in the bottom. Brew some gravy and pour in the bottom (not over the meat). With the onions and garlic diced, put in the oven for 3 hours on around 200. Checking every 30 to based with the gravy.

If you like beef a bit pink, I recommend taking it out around 2 hours and just check how pink the middle looks.

So remove the meat before its fat gets cold. Carve in to portions, depending on how many mouths you’re feeding.

Using the fat thats at the bottom of the pan with the onions, arlic and carrot, add some more gravy.


Mash potatoes – Use large potatoes, boiled until soft, drain and return to the pan. Add some cream, Black pepper, salt and mash until smooth and lumpy.

Carrots – Dice the carrots into medium sized portions. If you like to have it mashed, add a half teaspoon of chili powder and keep mashing.

Broccoli – Steamed with fennel. Some thyme in the water makes it more palatable. This can also be done with the carrots.

Cauliflower cheese – This is a western thing. I’ll explain my version and you can do what you like with it. Take it on board or ignore.

Grab a small ovenproof dish. Wash and deflower a cabbage. Boil them until soft. Draina and pour in to the ovenproof dish, now grab a bowl and add the grated white cheese.

In the dish, you can add some with some cream, a carton would be best. Empty it out and add the cheese, pepper, salt, and some nutmeg and mix. Pour over the cauliflower and put in the oven to melt the cheese.

Roast potatoes – Nigella lawson

If your a smart panda, you can do all this while the beef cooks and then have it all served in time to eat. Enjoy and then force yourself to watch Antique’s roadshow.

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Until next time.

Bon app