Homemade Chicken Pot Noodle Gives Instant Relief for a Growling Stomach

Homemade chicken Pot noodle.

Back when I was a kid, I’d often be “treated” to a pot noodle. I do believe it was a parents’ lazy technique to feed someone without any actual thought and care. I will often turn to a pot noodle when I am ill. It is my emergency food from a tiring flight. When its late to cook something, it does the job.

Why am I bringing up my history with a pot noodle? Well, I was feeling a little off. I saw a chicken and mushroom pot noodle. I thought it will do. So a few weeks later (today) I decided to make my own.


Home made Chicken and Mushroom (pot) noodles

1 pack of diced chicken breast

Loose noodles (not dry they normally come a pack of 2 vacuumed in a pack)

Good chicken stock (not gravy)

Frozen Green beans

4 slices of Bacon

1 tin of sweet corn

2 button mushrooms

Super quick to make as well and filling directions below:


1. Cook chicken till white. While the chicken is cooking, I added the bacon which I chopped in to mouth bite sizes in a little oil

2. Add some chicken stock and two cups of Water.

3. Leave to boil a bit and add the packs of noodles, I added 2 bags of noodles.

4. Add the beans and hide them under the noodles so they cook. But it should only take a few minutes till there soft anyway. Add the sweet corn and chopped mushrooms

5. Add another teaspoon of stock.

6. Now I added some paprika to the mix for a bit of kick.


Steven Latchum is an Irish foodie who really loves making, eating, reading and writing about food. He says food is so genuine he can have a conversation with his plate, almost like a first date every time. Contact Steven through NewsBlaze.