Choclatique Debuts At The Winter Fancy Food Show

Choclatique – The Fanciest Chocolate At The Fancy Food Show!

When you’re looking for the finest chocolate in the world, you’ll most likely find it at the 33rd Annual Winter Fancy Food Show at the San Diego Convention Center January 13-15, 2008.

For sure that’s where you will be able to taste a sampling from Choclatique (Savor California Booth #843). Choclatique is for fun-loving, sophisticated chocolate lovers.

Choclatique is Nirvana, the Holy Grail and Disneyland melted into one luscious sensory experience. Choclatique beams as a delightful oasis in the oft-bland land of commercial chocolate-making. That’s what inspired founders Ed Engoron and Joan Vieweger to set out on a very personal journey to create beautifully seductive, hand-crafted chocolates to tempt the lips, thrill the palate and tickle the tummy!

Choclatique At A Glance


The Choclatique line of hand-made, hand-decorated and hand-packed chocolates can be defined by one delicious expression: flavor thrills. Following time-honored traditions of French chocolate making, the Choclatique artisans continually discover innovative ways to create delightful and beautiful chocolates.

In particular, they are known for Authentically American flavors – Boston Cream Pie, Cup O’ Joe, Jelly Doughnut, Root Beer Float and Hot Fudge Sundae, to name just a few. The beautifully tempered chocolates are generously filled with premium nuts, luscious caramels, chewy nougats, and creamy ganache and a few are just wonderful, solid chocolate-Dark, Milk, White and Azteca!

Choclatique Fancy Food Show Features

Selected confections for tasting include Blue Ribbon Cherry Pie, Cafe au Lait, Mandarin Orange Caramel, Root Beer Float, Pistachio Nut Butter and Strawberries ‘n Cream. The company will also be introducing, for the very first time, Sweet Deceit – an assortment of 30 different mouth-watering, 100% Sugar-Free chocolate confections for those chocolate lovers who must reduce their intake of sucrose.

The company will also show its Choclatique Q-91 – super-dark, bitter sweet chocolate made from exotic cacao beans that are fermented, dried and roasted to their exacting standards. It is a unique and complex blend of many different premium beans from each of the 3 major world cacao growing regions-Central and South America, Africa and Asia. Q-91 is rich in flavor and smooth in texture with light fruit undertones. It is very distinctive – never sharp or bitter.

Flavorful Facts

  • Choclatique creations are delicately cast molded chocolates, each with a unique artisan design.
  • The richly presented chocolates are crafted with the perfect content of exotic cacao beans to bring the greatest health benefits without the bitterness associated with most European dark chocolates.
  • Cacao beans are harvested and selected from the finest growers in the Earth’s equatorial zone from the Tropic of Cancer to the Tropic of Capricorn.

    All of Choclatique’s confections are rich in cacao content:

    Dark Chocolates: 64% Cacao

    White Chocolates: 33% Cacao

    Milk Chocolates: 32% Cacao

    Azteca (Mexican-Spiced) Chocolates: 32% Cacao

    Q-91 Extra Dark: 91% Cacao

    Choclatique says their chocolates contain less sugar than is found in other chocolates. Even the packaging is special, with elegant Tiffany-like rich, chocolate brown leatherette boxes with satin ribbons.

    Hand-crafted in their Southern California Chocolate Studios by professional artists and chocolatiers, Choclatique provides over 150 premium chocolate confections from traditional to whimsical to secretly savor or share with those you love. The artisanal chocolates are only available from fine retail establishments, leading hotels, spas and exclusive clubs.

    There are over 35 sumptuous boxed assortments in the Choclatique line, plus, stores often create their own Signature Assortment.


    11030 Santa Monica Blvd., #301,

    Los Angeles, CA 90025

    “Preserving the traditions of artisanal chocolate-making, one piece at a time.”

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