The Latest News On Food Truck Businesses

Most consumers who have worked in the big city or on construction sites have probably purchased something from a food truck before. These tasty little trucks offer dependability, tasty treats, and convenience all in one. With that being said, many consumers and investors already know that the restaurant business can be tricky. This is especially true, when it comes to the first year of operation. Not only can the startup costs reach into the hundreds of thousands of dollars, but maintaining the equipment can even cause more of a financial burden. Well, any consumer that is interested in the food or hospitality industry should consider investing in a food truck, as the latest news reports show that the business is revving up.

Cutting Through Local Laws And Regulations

It has been over a decade ago since the first food truck arrived here in America. Since then there have been several states that have been known for setting tough and strict health regulations, which have pushed the business back. Food truck vendors might be glad to learn that with all the conflicting regulations, permits, and inspectors, some states are stepping in to help them cut through the tape. In fact, Utah is issuing a new law, which will be instated next week. The law will allow food trucks to move through different localities with the possession of a single license.

It was a Republican senator who realized the importance and efficiency of these trucks and really pushed for this law to be passed. He understands the rise of the food truck business and soon wants other states to adapt to these changes, but this is without a doubt going to be difficult. Since 2015, 13 different states have considered 37 different bills that involve food truck regulations, so it is not completely hopeless that these changes might take effect.

The Lines Become Blurred

In November, it was reported that the food truck industry is one of the strongest food service businesses in the world. From 2011 to 2016, the industry grew eight percent and it only continues to grow. Unfortunately, recent news reports showed that as the food truck business grows, the lines between this industry and the restaurant industry become more and more blurred. In fact, recent reports have shown that brick-and-mortar businesses are now adding food trucks to their chains, while food truck operators are seeking to open a brick and mortar-based businesses.

In Sacramento, California strict parking rules were set on food trucks, only allowing them to stay in one location for no longer than 30 minutes, but these regulations were later lifted.

Hearing It From An Operator

A man by the name of David Pulford spent 30 years in the real estate business, but he recently decided to put everything into his very own food truck business, based out of Maryland. While his trucks ventures into five different jurisdictions in a single day, the fines in each jurisdiction can put quite a damper on his earnings. He said that he has to make up to $2,000 in each district to cover his cost and the cost of the $1,000 fees that he has to pay for just operating out of that jurisdiction.

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