Small Business and the Economy: PINK Talks To Susan Sobbott, President of OPEN from American Express

Small businesses employ half of all private-sector employees, and women-owned businesses alone employ 12.8 million people and generate $1.9 trillion in sales. But how will the current economic downturn affect these businesses? That’s what PINK asked Susan Sobbott, president of OPEN from American Express, who explains in an exclusive interview what she’s doing to help women entrepreneurs grow their businesses in tough economic times.

Also in PINK’s May-June issue:

Freedom Money

Even if you’ve never dreamed of walking away from an unsatisfying job or retiring early, extra income can feel like an insurance policy against unhappiness at work, a bad relationship, a recession or other financially stressful situations. Here’s how to get yours.

Mother’s Day Special: Mom’s Career Influence

How did your mother’s attitude about work affect your career choices? PINK talks to four accomplished professional women — a U.S. senator, a corporate VP, a former publishing exec and a psychologist — and their remarkable daughters. Hear what these pairs learned from each other about work — and life.

Depression and Career Women

Women are twice as likely as men to suffer from depression, yet many remain undiagnosed or wrongly diagnosed. And while well-known male CEOs have spoken publicly about their battles with depression, most women still hide their emotional anguish in shame. Here’s how to get over the stigma and get help when you really need it.

At-Home Husbands: The Untold Story

More than 60 percent of women with a business degree today earn more than their husbands do, so many women execs expect their stay-at-home husbands to head up the domestic front. But are they working as hard as housewives of past generations? How much should you expect from your househusband?

The Firing Squad

U.S. employers cut 63,000 jobs in February, the highest rate in five years. And as a recession looms, more jobs are on the line. If you’re faced with the dreaded task of laying off your workers, here’s how to do it with dignity.

Something to Prove

What happens when you tell a woman she can’t? Quite often, she’ll break her back to prove you wrong. PINK talks to successful execs who heard “can’t” or “shouldn’t” and thought, “Oh yeah? Just watch me.” And clinical psychologists tell why driven career women turn discouragement into inspiration.

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