Outsourcing Software Development Eases Budget, Enhances Product

Cutting costs has become a mantra for businesses in an economy moving toward globalization. While companies have more markets for their products, they also have more competition. Many have adopted a leaner and meaner approach to doing business, scaling back on budgets to remain competitive.

After trimming expenses, renegotiating leases, canceling employee perks, and tightened the company’s belt, what’s left?

Outsourcing Makes Sense for Many

It’s no secret that payroll is the biggest expense of small businesses and on the list of top 10 expenses for most companies. Outsourcing part of the workforce is an option that many companies consider.

For those already operating at a bare-bones level, or with fat still to trim, outsourcing can make sense for certain business functions, especially software development.

Benefits of Outsourcing Software Development

Along with savings in payroll, one of the best reasons for outsourcing software developers is instant access to skill levels and experience. You can hire new talent for your IT team, or an entire IT staff, and still not have the mix of expertise that a dedicated team of developers can offer.

Outsource development companies are built to partner with other businesses. They offer a collective knowledge and experience that you can leverage to solve your toughest business challenges. Because team members work with a variety of organizations and projects, they have vast experience as a whole. They can quickly add to a team when needed, targeting their resources to solve challenges. You can solve problems quickly and perhaps reduce your product’s time to market, which means an overall reduction in development costs.

Outsourcing Software Development.
Outsourcing Software Development. Photo by Parker Byrd on Unsplash.

Building a Better Product

Outsourcing software developers can also help give you a better product. With a team focused just on your software, they’ll be able to thoroughly test it for bugs and fix them before release, not after. With a talented outsource company, QA is a priority because your product is theirs too.

From dynamic and static testing to visual, black-box testing, and more, they can perform QA trials and fine-tune code to create a solid product right out of the gate.

Focus on the Business End

Outsourcing also gives your company a chance to focus on core business functions, from sales and marketing to accounting, public relations, and strategic relationship building. How many projects does your IT staff have on the back burner? Free them up to work on a new website, sales or other projects they haven’t been able to do.

Talent on the IT team already can be given the chance to stretch their wings with other projects. This is a great way to keep internal staff members motivated.

Another route to consider, especially for smaller businesses, is outsourcing all IT needs. The right company will have the talent, resources, and a system already in place for providing needed coverage. The resources are available when needed, whether that’s a few hours a day or for round-the-clock availability.

A Strong Base for Startups

For startups, outsourcing software developers can help your company avoid issues with system design down the road by providing a well-written, sound code base. This saves both time and expense on product development, both now and in the future, without having to draw on resources meant to develop and support other business functions. An established outsource company can even help guide you through the entire development process. They provide the extra experience and insights needed to design and launch new ideas.

Handling Special Projects

An outsourced development team can support a variety of customer-focused services. These include limited-scope projects, rush-order developments, and one-off requests. These would otherwise require reallocating resources or hiring additional employees. Whether supporting legacy software or taking on short-notice projects, outsourced software developers create the ability to manage the ups and downs of your business flow.

Outsourcing with the right development partner offers great value to businesses of all sizes. Benefits come in both indirect and direct cost management and savings, increased company focus on business goals, and immediate, scalable development expertise.

When looking for ways to make a company leaner and meaner, these are the reasons outsourcing can help.

Anne Lawson is a British writer who keeps her eye on business and trending issues that affect us all. She loves to delve into the real story and give us interesting tidbits we might otherwise miss.