Experts Call for Caution When Choosing Prom Night Limos

The prom season might be a few months away, but it doesn’t mean that the seniors are not already thinking about it. For many, the prom night is an event that stays in the memory forever. Hiring a limo has become a sort of American tradition. It does sound as a good idea, especially from the parents’ point of view, who can have a peace of mind knowing that their kids won’t be driving home after such an excitable night.

Unfortunately, not all limo companies are to be trusted. According to a research done by Chicago Tribune, in May and June each year, there’s an influx or unregistered limo drivers in the city. Obviously, some of them see the prom season as a way to earn nice cash quickly. Basically, all they need to start the business is a used limo, which can be found for as low as 15k dollars.

The bad news is that usually such vehicles are far from being in a good condition. Surely, the unlicensed limo drivers will do their best to make them look nice, but the engine will remain in a poor condition. Another serious issue about such vehicles is that their safety features are outdated.

Risks of Hiring a Fake Limo Service

The parents are encouraged to do their research in order to make sure that the limo they hire is operated by a real company. The fact that someone owns a website is not a proof that the person is actually a registered limo driver. In fact, anyone can make a site in a matter of minutes, investing only a few dollars.

On top of that, some fake limo drivers decide on making their own limos. Basically, they cut a normal car in half and use plates to extend it. Finally, they cover everything up with a good painting job, making the limo look good, while being extremely unsafe.

There’s also the issue related to the limo drivers. If a company is not licensed, there’s no guarantee that the driver is actually suitable for operating such vehicle. It’s not the same driving a regular sized car and operating a 20-people limousine.

Finding Top-Class Limo Service at Affordable Rate

Finding the best Chicago limo service is something that requires a bit of research. One of the best ways to check whether a company is legit is to use the service such as the Better Business Bureau. This is a non-profit organization that’s been around for more than a century, helping customers with their complaints, as well as providing reviews about companies from all over the United States.

The rule is simple – the higher the score a company has on the BBB, the better. Unfortunately, most top-rated limo services are usually very expensive. The question is how to find an affordable limo company that offers impeccable services? Well, the best thing would be to contact the limo service personally, rather than using an online form to book it. This way, the customer can make sure that there are no hidden expenses involved.

Melissa Thompson
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