Government Trusted Capital Provider Now Offering Government Contract Financing

Leonid (previously Endeavour) is a trusted capital provider that now offers government contract financing. This new service will provide much-needed finance to small and medium-sized businesses seeking to bid on government contracts, complete government projects, or expand their working capital.

Government contract financing is a substantial challenge for government contractors. And although the government will eventually pay its bills, it is common knowledge that these payments are typically slow. Before the government pays your invoice, you need to fund your company’s operations.

Unfortunately, many of these contractors do not have access to traditional bank loans because those loans require collateral by commercial property that these companies don’t own. Thus, the typical government contractor is one whose operations are financed by expensive short-term loans or generous personal lines of credit or by equity investments from family members or friends. These may be workable solutions in the short term, but companies need long-term financing to grow and prosper.

Leonid’s government contract financing program

Leonid’s government contract financing program provides government contractors like you with the flexibility they need to manage business growth and cash flow issues while waiting for government payments. Your business can participate in larger contracts and earn more revenue using Leonid’s government contract financing solution.

Leonid has a track record of providing working capital solutions to small businesses in aerospace & defense, cybersecurity, and intelligence. With nearly $25 million in transactions since its inception, Leonid has developed an in-depth understanding of the needs of small businesses and the challenges they face in finding appropriate financing solutions.

Leonid deploys its deep expertise in these industries to provide working capital solutions tailored to the specific needs of your business. So, when you partner with them, you get

  • Flexible financing terms,
  • No charges for program access or monthly service fees,
  • Quick access to funds for your government contracts (typically within 30 days or less),
  • No rigorous application process,
  • Upfront funding before work begins,
  • Pay off your loan in full anytime, without the worry of penalties or additional fees of any kind,
  • The peace of mind of collaborating with a trusted government provider who has experience on classified projects

With available financing growing yearly, funding may be available now to complete the job or bid on new contracts and cover payroll. Leonid is prepared to meet your financing needs – whether bidding on a contract or fulfilling it, submitting a proposal or an invoice, or ready to expand operations or meet payroll.

Leonid specializes in Government Contract Financing – helping clients with working capital before the project begins. With years of experience working on government projects, these scientists and engineers know the unique financial challenges they can pose to small businesses.

As part of the commitment to honor service and sacrifice, Leonid donates half its profits to veteran and military communities. As a result, they contribute 50 percent of their revenue to non-profits that help military families.

To learn more or to apply for Government Contract Financing, visit www. or contact Leonid at [email protected]

Adam Torkildson
Adam is a proud American citizen, entrepreneur, 2x founder, father of 2, and married. He considers himself a Constitutional Conservative and loves to golf and read books when he's not running his businesses and writing content.