Trending Condos: Why are Watery Themed Condominiums Popular?

The sound water creates calmness. Soothing oneself with the various sounds of waterfalls or lazy rivers while lounging waterside is becoming more popular in condominium design. Waterscape condos do not need to be adjacent to coasts or shores; instead, the imitation of the natural waterways is a theme found anywhere condominiums are available.

Painting the Picture

The outer look of a water-themed condominium complex often twists and bends to simulate a silver wave against the horizon.Balconies and rooftops reflect the feeling from the outside to the inside. Maximizing the view against the sky is compelling.

The use of infinity pools on roofs and various other water sources around the property gives the feeling of living on a coastal piece of property. Adding a myriad of mimicked environments creates a realistic waterway feel.

Tropical jungles or seaside gardens, occupants can feel as if in nature while hosting a party or lounging leisurely. Alcoves and enclaves for those living in the condominiums allow for full use of space, not merely their indoor home.

The rise in “staycations” makes water-themed condominium perfect for a family or a bachelor/bachelorette. Extending the home beyond the walls into the courtyard or under a palm tree is ideal and calming for even the busiest person.

Energize & Elevate the Soul

Relaxing at home is not equal. Spas, cabanas, and villas on a condominium property allow a resident or family to soak up the sun even on weekdays.

Before or after work, the calming solitude of relaxation is not only inside the home. Unwinding next to waterways, human-made or coastal, is inviting and revitalizing. The draw is undeniable.

Exercise is the way many people regain energy and feel alive. Water-themed condominiums have diverse swimming pools. From dedicated swimmers to chill and chatters, the options range from warm water sources to rooftop infinity pools.

Sand, shallow ponds, and lagoons are an added layer for ambiance. The trend of green energy and eco-friendly living translates to condominiums. Ponds, lagoons, and lakes naturally produce lilies and reeds while the aquatic plants grow naturally and without chemicals.

Waterscaping is more than a trend. It is now a lifestyle. Whether a tenant carries the theme over to their indoor look, a condominium complex with seaside or coastal themes has a draw that many condos do not have. Home is where the heart is, even when the heart is in the tropics.

Melissa Thompson writes about a wide range of topics, revealing interesting things we didn’t know before. She is a freelance USA Today producer, and a Technorati contributor.