The Winter White House: Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Residence & Resort

It’s a destination that is quite often in the news. The Donald Trump Mar-a-Lago property has become this 45th president’s primary getaway home (with nearby Trump International Golf Club) outside of the White House in lieu of what would otherwise be a more spartan Camp David retreat that has served as the default relaxation spot for the majority of U.S. presidents.

As of 2017, of the 45 presidents that have served the U.S., some have resided (at least part-time) in secondary housing. Harry Truman who served from 1945-1951 resided in Key West, Florida. John F. Kennedy who served from 1961-1963 resided in Palm Beach, Florida. Richard Nixon who served from 1969-1974 had a residence in Key Biscayne, Florida, to name a few presidents in recent history.

Often referred to as Trump’s “Winter White House” due to its year-round warm weather location in Palm Beach, Florida, President Donald Trump, the 45th President of the United States maintains the Mar-a-Lago property as both a family compound and commercial luxury resort. Mar-a-Lago, a National Historic Landmark, was completed in 1927 by socialite Marjorie Merriweather Post (the cereal heiress who passed away in 1973). She once bequeathed it to the National Park Service (though it was returned due to costly upkeep), for the intention of being used for state visits or as a Winter White House.

mar a lago
Mar a Lago

Mar-a-Lago was purchased by Donald Trump in 1985 and the Trump family has since maintained private quarters in a separate, closed-off area of the expansive mansion and grounds from the rest of the member-guest quarters. As the 45th President of the United States, Trump uses the location along with the nearby Trump International Golf Club (West Palm Beach) in lieu of Camp David. Donald Trump has referred to Mar-a-Lago as his “Winter White House” and alternately the “Southern White House.”

Mar-a-Lago in the Trump Presidency Era

Mar-a-Lago interior
Mar-a-Lago interior (Credit: Ronald Kessler)

Since Donald Trump became President, the initiation membership fee for joining Mar-a-Lago jumped to $200,000, double the price before Trump’s election in November 2016, and that doesn’t include the $14,000 yearly dues, or the annual food and beverage minimum.

The first governmental spending on property improvements of private presidential residences was at Dwight Eisenhower’s Gettysburg farm, where the Secret Service added three guard posts to a fence. Federal law now allows the president to designate a residence outside of the White House as his temporary offices so that federal money can be used to provide required facilities.

Luxury Features and Amenities Offered at Mar-a-Lago

The luxury features and/or amenities offered by Mar-a-Lago can be viewed as distinct categories consisting of the spa, transportation service, sports recreation including golf, dining, and living quarters.

You can expect to find these features and luxury amenities at the Mar-a-Lago Estate outlined in this summarized listing:

  • Trump Spa and Fitness center equipped with state-of-the-art workout machines, beach and pool, red clay tennis courts, Bridge, croquet, beauty center, hair salon and beach club.
  • Access to the Trump National Transportation Service operating a fleet of Four (4) types of luxury vehicle for various excursions.
  • The Trump Boutique featuring men’s, women’s and children’s clothing, Frette bathrobes, tee shirts adorned with Swarovski crystals, aromatic candles, the Trump Signature line of skin care and body products.
  • Beachfront Quarters include: Cabanas 1-5, Beach Penthouse 1, Beach Penthouse 2
  • Rooms include: Venetian Room, Sunshine Room, Spanish Room, Seven Windows, Portuguese Room, Pool Cottage I, Pool Cottage II, Pool Cottage III, Lake Room, French Room, Fountain Room, Dutch Room
  • Cottages and Bungalows include: Gatehouse I-V, Tennis Cottage, Lakeview Bungalow I and II
  • Suites include Tower Suite, Marjorie Merriweather Post Suite, Garden Suite 1. Garden Suite 2, E.F. Hutton Suite, Adam Suite

Contact the concierge for current and accurate Mar-a-Lago room and membership rate information and details.

Trump Golf Course

Trump International Golf Club, in West Palm Beach, is close to the Mar-a-Lago resort. It carries a Five-Star Diamond Award from the American Academy of Hospitality Sciences. The 27-hole golf course was designed by architect, Jim Fazio. Opened in 1999, the West Palm Beach location was the first Trump golf course property and it has hosted championships for the LPGA. Other Trump Golf properties throughout the world include:

  • Trump National Golf Club Bedminster, Bedminster, New Jersey
  • Trump National Golf Club Charlotte, Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Trump National Golf Club Colts Neck, Colts Neck, New Jersey
  • Trump National Doral, Miami, Florida
  • Trump National Golf Club Hudson Valley, Hudson Valley, New York
  • Trump National Golf Club, Los Angeles, California
  • Trump National Golf Club, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Trump National Golf Club, Washington D.C.
  • Trump National Golf Club Westchester, Westchester, New York
  • Trump National Golf Club Jupiter, Jupiter, Florida
  • Trump International Golf Links, Aberdeen, Scotland
  • Trump International Golf Links and Hotel, Doonbeg, Ireland
  • Trump Turnberry, Turnberry, Scotland
  • Trump International Golf Club Dubai, Dubai
  • Trump World Golf Club Dubai, Dubai
  • Trump Golf Links at Ferry Point, Ferry Point, New York

Please contact the resort administration for current rate and membership information and details.

Mar-a-Lago floor plan
Mar-a-Lago floor plan (Credit: Weber Design Group)

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