Current Serviced Apartment Trends

Serviced apartments are available for both short and longer-term stays and come fully furnished. They are very popular with travellers and business professionals who want to stay in a place that feels like a home away from home, unlike hotel rooms which can often be small, cramped and send you crazy for long stays.

Serviced apartments tend to include facilities such as laundry, kitchen and housekeeping whilst still maintaining a private and homely feel. What’s more, you can often get much more for your money when staying at a serviced apartment instead of a hotel. Most major cities now have some form of serviced apartments and you can see examples of some Belfast-based ones online at

current serviced apartment trends.

Here are three trends that are shaping the serviced apartments industry right now.

#1: A Focus on Business Professionals

While serviced apartments have always been a popular choice for big businesses and business professionals, serviced apartment providers are now doing more to make them more suitable for business travellers. The great thing about hotels, especially in big cities, is that they have conference rooms and other facilities ideal for hosting commercial meetings. Serviced apartments don’t tend to have this, and a private dwelling isn’t the ideal place to bring clients!

However, to meet further demand, serviced apartment buildings are now more commonly featuring facilities such as conference rooms and small communal areas which can be used as a setting for meetings.

#2: More Affordable Pricing

As more serviced apartment providers crop up, the pricing is going to become more affordable. Serviced apartment providers recognise that customers often choose to stay with them as opposed to hotels because of the “value for money” feeling.

As such, we can expect to see different kinds of serviced apartments at different price points to reflect the increasing demand from consumers for affordable short and long-term stays.

#3: A True Homely Feel

It’s not all about money, and serviced apartment providers know this. Many people opt for serviced apartments because they want to stay somewhere that will feel more homely and liveable, especially business professionals on longer jaunts who want a place to relax and unwind after a long day.

Serviced apartments are now being purpose built with quality fixtures and fittings to further enhance this homely feel. With the likes of AirBnB and HomeAway, it’s easy for consumers to access real homes, however, serviced apartments have a competitive edge by also providing hotel-like services. To make serviced apartments a more attractive option for consumers when compared to AirBnB and HomeAway, they are making their spaces warmer, inviting, cosy and liveable.

Serviced apartments have grown in popularity in recent years and this growth isn’t going to slow down. As more people take up travelling and with companies increasingly requiring their employees to be more flexible and willing to move around, the demand for serviced apartments will keep increasing. To respond to this, serviced apartment providers need to keep offering a service which is competitive by focusing on comfort and affordability.