Latest Trends in Teak Furniture

Teak furniture is crafted from a luxury hardwood that is revered for its durability and weather resistance. Untreated teak has a buttery gold color, but teak pieces can be treated-presenting more diverse color options. According to HGTV, teak will continue to stay in fashion during the upcoming spring and summer seasons. Consumers can keep an eye on the following trends when shopping.

Unfinished Teak Patio Furniture

Unfinished teak furniture will be back in trend for the year. The issue with finished furniture is that when a finish is applied, it is usually hiding a flaw. Another drawback of finished teak is that the finish may not have the same weatherproofing capabilities as natural teak. The teak’s natural oils and resin protect against wind and sun damage.

Weathered Stains

Going along with the popularity of all-natural teak styles, one stain that will be in style this year is weathered teak. As teak is exposed to the sun, the furniture takes on a grayish look. Teak furniture sets stained in the grayish weathered look is perfect for homes looking for a neutral style.

Deep Seating Teak Furniture

Teak patio sets with a deep seating style will become increasingly popular with consumers. Deep seating sets offer unparalleled comfort with the inclusion of thick, well-padded cushions. Deep seating patio sets are perfect for entertaining and will entice guests to enjoy the outdoors longer. Cushions included with teak furniture sets are designed to provide comfort and support while also being resistant to mold.

Simple Styles

Teak is revered for its all-natural appeal. Patio set designs that use teak are not meant to be busy or overly detailed. Teak furniture made from solid, heavy pieces with a weathered look will be snatched up for buyers that prefer furniture that will last from year to year. To preserve the natural color, owners can oil the pieces, especially if the furniture is placed out in the direct sun.


With teak becoming a highly popular choice for furniture, the drive for more of the wood has reached an all-time high. Unfortunately, the growing demand for teak has attributed to major deforestation throughout Asia. The latest trend will be a call for more sustainable and environmentally friendly options that are grown on teak plantations. More and more consumers are requesting teak furniture that has been certified by the Forest Stewardship Council.

Teak furniture sets are the perfect additions to a patio, deck, sunroom, or porch. The sets last for ages and can be updated with new cushions to reflect changing style preferences.

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