Modern Functional Kitchen Design Leaps Forward in 2019

After generations in the business of luxury sinks and accessories, designers continue to elevate standards for functional kitchen design. The recent BLANCO survey of architects and designers discovered current trends.

The study shows that 67% of responding designers see gray and white dominating kitchens this year.

Modern kitchen design does more than bring out beauty because consumers are looking for functionality.

After all, the kitchen is the hub of the modern home. The kitchen is the room where people eat, converse, laugh, and share memorable experiences. So the kitchen must meet both needs and expectations.

modern functional kitchen design.
Modern functional kitchen design by ecocabinets.

To best produce an exciting design for the kitchen, here are a few tips.

The first step is to consider kitchen space utility. The function of the kitchen relies on how the home’s occupants use it. It’s an extremely personal matter, and the floor plan should reflect placement and ease of movement.

Fremantle kitchen design company, ecocabinets designs for visible living.

Designer Philippe Signer asks homeowners a series of questions while brainstorming a new kitchen floor plan:

“Do you need much counter space for preparation, chopping, or serving?”

“Should the kitchen open to the living room for easy interaction with family members, guests, and friends while cooking?”

“Is a space needed to allow sitting, eating or resting while waiting for some meals and dishes to cook?”

These are just three of many questions the designer uses to spark a train of thought to bring out the best ideas to guide the floor plan.

Kitchens often consume a sizeable part of the budget relative to their size. There are ways to make the budget realistic, but it’s best to avoid going cheap. The cheap route almost always ends in costly repairs and stressful maintenance.

A kitchen upgrade is also an investment in the home. Choosing quality materials that are built to last is never a bad decision. The kitchen is often the main selling point when it is time to move on.

Because the kitchen is so important, it’s essential to enlist the aid of a professional, reputable kitchen design service to help create the perfect modern kitchen.

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