Celebrity Log Homes

Celebrity Log Homes With Style

Celebrity log homes are popular because they have a traditional style. While people lived in log homes because making a house of wood was convenient at the time, today, individuals enjoy log homes because of their visual appeal.

It’s now possible to build log homes anywhere in the country, even in locations not traditionally known for having this type of housing. Not to mention, log homes give others inspiration because they make excellent vacation or residential homes.

Jill Rappaport

Jill Rappaport is a journalist and actress. She is also an animal advocate who lives in a log home originally built by her and her ex-fiance. Initially, the log cabin was situated on 18 acres with a pond. Originally, Rappaport’s cabin was in Montana.

It was created by the Pioneer Log Homes company based on Jill’s desires. The home is large with a modern appeal, nothing like what traditional log cabins were like. She designed the entire seven-bathroom, 11-room mansion by herself.

She wanted as much porch on her home as possible. It has decorative ceilings and red-cedar railings. She has a unique fireplace that looks like a Native American headdress. She later had the log home transported across the country to the Hamptons. In the Hamptons, the home sits on six acres of property.

Ralph Lauren

While people do build log homes down south, which is why there are companies that specialize in Florida log home repair, most people opt to build their log homes in the north, often as vacation homes.

The clothing designer, Ralph Lauren, has his primary residence in New York, but he and his wife also own a log home in Colorado. Located below the San Juan Mountains, he has a 16,000-acre ranch. It has a main lodge along with a pond and guest tepees.

Inspiring celebrity log homes. Image by user32212 from Pixabay
log home. Image by user32212 from Pixabay

Jack Hanna

Jack Hanna is a well-known zookeeper. He was the director of the Columbus Zoo & Aquarium from 1978 until 1992. He’s made appearances on the Late Show with David Letterman and Good Morning America.

Jack Hanna doesn’t actually live in his log cabin. It’s actually the guest home he built on his family farm located outside of Bigfork, Montana. The 760-square foot cabin is comfy and cozy.

It’s a very quaint dwelling, considering it only has the basics like a kitchen, loft, bathroom, and living room. It has a traditional style and is situated among many tall pine trees. His guest cabin was built by his friend, Randy Baker.

Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali is one of the greatest boxers. He chose to train in northeastern Pennsylvania in Deer Lake, Schuylkill County. He refused to serve in the miliary and, as a result, the United States’ government took back his heavyweight championship crown.

Shortly after, he decided to open a training camp in PA. The entire camp was extremely rustic. There, he had a gym and a family home. The entire camp featured 18 structures, many of which were long cabins.

Two buildings had stone fireplaces. The five-stall barn housed horses and a donkey. He even had a building that acted as a small mosque. This camp held about 100 people.

Liz Claiborne

In Montana, Liz Claiborne has a log cabin she shares with her husband. She spends about six months there each year. It features a pool room that has a fireplace. It even has a deck that extends to her boating dock.

The house has a modern appeal for a log cabin. Genuinely, she didn’t want antiques because she grew up in a household with them.

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