A Clean Deck and Porch Increase Curb Appeal

A clean deck and porch increase curb appeal and make it easier to sell a home. Even if a homeowner isn’t selling, this is a necessary part of maintaining a home and sprucing up between seasons. At the very least, it’s worthwhile to clean up the deck and pressure wash annually.

Tidy Up and Get Organized

During a spring or autumn cleaning spree, everything must be cleared from the deck. This makes it really easy to separate items that are broken from those that just need a thorough cleaning. To make outdoor living fun, the rollerskates, basketballs and seldom used possessions should be moved to the attic or basement.

Clean and Deodorize

Whether breaking down for the winter or cleaning up for the busy summer outdoor season, getting rid of funky odors make outdoor living areas much more pleasant to be in. Industrious homeowners should spritz a mixture of water and vinegar on all surface to break up grime and mildew.

Clean the Cushions

Lawn furniture cushions require extra care. Spot cleaning stains prevents getting too much soap in the cushions. A spritzer of warm soapy water should loosen most dirt so that it can be removed with a warm, damp cloth. For tougher stains, a mixture of water and vinegar can work wonders.

Most cushions let excess water flow through, which makes cleaning the easier. For fastest results, the cushions can be hung in the sun to dry, preferably hanging up where there’s ample airflow.

Pressure Wash the Deck

Pressure washing the deck typically reveals a like-new version of the last paint or stain coating. Whoever does the actual pressure washing needs to wear long pants, thick shoes and goggles to ensure safety. Loose clothes and jewelry can get tangled and result in injuries due to the powerful spray.

For those buying a new pressure washer, it’s important to consult online pressure washer reviews to learn more about how to select the best gas or electric pressure washer.

A deck cleaner should be applied to loosen dirt and saturate stains. Each manufacturer provides instructions for loading a combination of water and soap. Next, the soap-dispensing nozzle is installed and it’s time to start the machine. The cleaner should be dispersed evenly over the deck boards with long, overlapping strokes.

Once the soap has been dispensed, it’s time for the actual pressure cleaning. The nozzle should be held two feet away from the decking to avoid damaging the wood. It’s fun to watch the cleaned area transform one board at a time.

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