Wonder Women of the Web Event

A group of Wonder Women of the Web aim to dramatically alter the way business is done in 2007.

Web 2.0 is already here. it is the second generation of the internet, focusing on networking sites that emphasis online collaboration and sharing… What businesses likely don’t realize, and it’s costing them money, is just who is the driving force behind Web 2.0.

There is a secret and dramatic buying trend shift affecting almost all markets. Understanding it early will give businesses an advantage over their less informed competition – including much larger competitors.

Further, knowing how to react to this buying trend means the difference in reaching 566% more buyers – most businesses can only dream of growing by almost 600% more buyers. The Wonder Women of the Web say not only is it possible, but it will happen for those in the know – and they aim to tell their secreats to a select few.

Ignoring this trend might not only prevent a business growing to it’s full potential – it is very likely to kill some businesses.

In order to connect and grow any business, it’s vitally important to know what’s still working, what doesn’t work anymore, and what’s going to work in the future. A business that is aware of what’s coming in marketing can respond, grow and profit.

There’s a new reality affecting the market, causing some business’ profits to plummet while others soar like a hot air balloon.

The not-to-be-missed event includes 10 Top Women Marketers as speakers, 200 business owners in attendance of both genders – a great networking opportunity and all about Marketing to Women: How to exponentially grow your business in an increasingly women dominated marketplace. The event runs from February 9th to 11th, 2007 at the Los Angeles Downtown Marriott, California

Visit the http://wonderwomenoftheweb.com/ website to read about the speakers

Meet one of the 10 Wonder Women of the Web:

Dr. Letitia Wright
Dr. Letitia Wright

Dr. Letitia Wright

PR Producer

“The only thing worse than being talked about, is not being talked about.”

Letitia is the host of the talk show The Wright Place, which reaches over 3.8 million homes each week.

She will show you how you can get all of the public relations attention you want for your business….

…and the best part about public relations a business is that’s it’s free! She’ll show you how to get it, and how to use it effectively to grow your small business into a household name.

She was the 2004 National Association of Female Executives Entrepreneur of the year, and she writes for BellaOnline and Iona Magazine.

Her many accomplishments are too numerous to list here. What’s really important is that she’s going to share with you how using women centered public relations will grow your business…no matter what you sell!

Start your 15 years of fame with Letitia at the WonderWomen Event

Visit the http://wonderwomenoftheweb.com/ website to read about the speakers

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