Successful Businesses Pay More Attention To These Things On Their Websites

In today’s market, many consumers judge the authenticity and quality of a business by its website. A poorly designed website, or a website that is missing a few key components can quickly turn away potential customers. Complete absence of a website can leave consumers wondering whether or not a business is legitimate. There are some qualities almost all successful businesses have in common when it comes to their websites.

Good Design

Having a good design and a theme that matches the industry of the business is something users look for. Successful businesses create user friendly sites that are visually appealing and make the end user want to stay on the page. Many websites offer themes and templates to make this easy for anyone to create their own business site. Some popular WordPress themes include photography, coffee shop, and medical. Another thing smart businesses do with their design is they make it visually appealing, but they also keep it simple. They don’t overwhelm the user with too much stimulation.

Mobile Optimization

52% of all website traffic comes from mobile devices. That means that more than half of all traffic to a website is going to be viewed on a mobile version. Businesses that don’t have mobile friendly websites unintentionally turn away a lot of customers. When consumers have trouble navigating a website on their phone, they are more likely to give up.

Telling a Story

Today’s users want to feel connected with the service or brand they are using. Businesses that include an about us page or an origins story on their website help draw in and keep potential customers. One of the best ways businesses make use of their story is by identifying with their audience. They find something that almost all members of their target audience have in common and they emphasize that in their own story.

Staying Current

Visiting a website and only seeing information from 10 years ago can quickly turn away traffic. Many successful businesses keep their websites current by including a blog or posting articles regularly. They also make sure to update their story and any other timely information any time it is warranted.

It would be wise for any business owner who does not already have a website to create one immediately to draw in and retain customers. Smart and successful business owners understand the importance of using their resources to develop their websites.

Melissa Thompson
Melissa Thompson writes about a wide range of topics, revealing interesting things we didn't know before. She is a freelance USA Today producer, and a Technorati contributor.