SEO Tactics to Remember for Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Influencer marketing and SEO go hand in hand even though the two strategies operate differently. SEO involves the use of good writing along with specific keywords to help search engines find web content and rank it for relevancy. Influencer marketing involves connecting with popular internet personalities and asking them to promote your product or service via their channels. However, influencers typically have websites or blogs that can provide you with the desired visibility you seek for your marketing efforts. Explore some of the following SEO tactics to use and remember for influencer marketing campaigns.

Benefits of Influencer Marketing

Influencers are individuals or groups that have a large audience and fan base. They’ve earned the trust of their audiences because they share beneficial tips, give solid reviews of products or services, and won’t steer people wrong simply to make a buck.

Influencers also accept paid promotions from companies as long as the products they’re asked to promote fit their brand image. For example, makeup artists demonstrate to their audience how to achieve specific looks. Makeup companies can approach these artists and pay them to promote company products. The makeup artist is considered an influencer: If the individual reviews, uses the product, and trusts it, so will the audience. An influencer who uses your product or takes on a sponsorship from your company boosts the reputation of your company immensely.

The Role of Influencers and SEO

One of the key aspects of SEO is getting a backlink on a valued website. The higher the website ranks on search engines, the more valuable the backlink will be. Influencers tend to have high rankings on search engines, and if your website is linked to their platforms in a prominent position, you get what’s known as link juice. In other words, your site gets a boost from the exposure and ranks higher in search results.

Keywords also come into play when an influencer writes a few sentences or an entire review of your product or service. It’s similar to backlinking in that the individual’s use of the name of your product or service will catch the attention of a search engine. The search engine will, once again, give your website a better ranking because it’s been listed on a popular website.

How Influencers Keep Your Content Fresh

Search engines reward websites for keeping their content fresh and up-to-date. But you may not always be up to the task of keeping your content fresh, or perhaps you need an outside perspective. An influencer who writes a blog post about your product or service takes care of both issues. The result is that you get new material for your site without the need to create it and the influencer has a topic to use for creating a new post or promotion.

Influencer marketing helps increase your brand’s awareness among your targeted demographic, and that effect leads to more sales. Use the opportunity to work with an influencer wisely and capitalize on the benefits that come from marketing with one.

Melissa Thompson
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