QR Loyalty: The Restaurant Industry’s Most Impactful Trend In 2011? Self-Serve Loyalty Programs Via SmartPhone

We see them all the time now, printed on restaurant bills and receipts, QR Codes, as necessary as a street address or a phone number. These printed codes are on the verge of revolutionizing the way chain restaurants do business and communicate with their customers in 2011.

QR Codes enable chain restaurants to increase revenue 5% to 10%. This amazing increase from just a single item comes about simply by deploying a sticky and viral QR Loyalty program that consumers engage with. This requires little management because it is a self-serve system through web-enabled mobile phones.

The consumer discovery process is simple, yet it has a profound impact. A Point of Sale (POS) software plug-in is used to print a QR Code containing a transaction identifier at the end of every bill. A marketing call-to-action prompts the customer to scan the QR code to auto-enrol in the restaurant’s loyalty program. They immediately qualify to earn loyalty rewards. Only a free downloadable application or even a generic QR code reader is needed to take part in the program.

Scanning the QR Code automatically links users to a mobile web app where they interact with their loyalty account. The restaurant does not need to invest in management, staffing, workflow or new hardware.

One example of a program is to earn $1 for every $10 spent. Depending on program configuration, loyalty program members are able to redeem earned rewards in real time via their mobile devices, be emailed a personalized printable voucher, or be issued a rechargeable gift card. Other options may be available.

Consumers are more value conscious and connected than ever before. 40% of U.S. adults use Internet services on their mobile devices (Pew). Statistically, 78% of 3-person tables have at least 1 web enabled phone. Led by major brands, QR Codes are proliferating across North American media, and consumers are engaging with them en masse.

Restaurants can build a successful loyalty program on a solid sustainable foundation.

Restaurants that recognize these trends early and deploy bar code-based loyalty programs will gain a huge competitive advantage starting in 2011.

This patent-pending technology is available exclusively from QR Loyalty and the company’s network of Authorized Service Providers.

“QR Loyalty is not only the first and only of its kind in the industry, it gives our partners a competitive advantage in the marketplace,” said QR Loyalty’s Director of Marketing, Chris Greene, “Our platform enables restaurants to build a successful loyalty program on a solid foundation that is sustainable as a result of QR Loyalty’s portfolio of intellectual property.”

QR Loyalty delivers loyalty programs that drive incremental revenue for the restaurant industry. For more information, a demonstration video, and access to the QR Loyalty revenue calculator for restaurants, please visit: http://www.qrloyalty.com

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