New Certificate Training Courses Aim to Improve the Success of Channel Partner Business Planning

The Channel Institute launched its Certificate in Channel Management, Certificate in Channel Marketing and Certificate in Digital Co-Marketing courses earlier this year. The certificate courses are the first channel partner business training certificates that have been reviewed and validated by a vendor-independent Industry Advisory Council, comprised of many of the technology industry’s leading employers worldwide.

Business training in areas such as channel management and channel marketing has traditionally been provided by employers or consulting companies on an ad hoc basis, leaving a major skills and knowledge gap in the industry. This has been particularly true for new entrants to the profession, who typically come from end-user sales or marketing. These professionals are often recent graduates who are “thrown in at the deep end” of channel management and partner marketing, or simply put through an employer’s own training academy that rarely focuses on industry-wide best practices.

The aim of the Channel Institute is to bring a more formal, standardized structure to learning for channel partner business professionals. In particular, the Institute plans to focus on the vastly under-served segment of those that are relatively new to the profession. The Certificate in Channel Marketing is also ideal for those charged with marketing at technology reseller companies, to help them understand vendor-independent global best practices in co-marketing and planning templates.

Thomas Jensen, VP and Head of Worldwide Partner Sales Strategy at HP comments: “The Channel Institute is a compelling approach to developing the channel profession worldwide. I am delighted to lend my knowledge to help the Institute build channel best practices to progress our profession.”

The courses are designed to improve the effectiveness of channel management and channel marketing by bringing best practices and plans to the channel business profession. Apart from training videos and materials the courses also include tools such as channel partner business planning templates and similar planning frameworks.

According to Michael Kelly, Director at the Channel Institute: “I am delighted that so many channel thought leaders from the major technology employers gave their time and expertise to ensure our certificate courses are truly vendor-agnostic and based on global best practices. By bringing together so many channel experts I believe our certificate courses provide the solid platform that sales and marketing people new to the channel partner management profession desperately need.”

Sukhdev Singh, Senior Director, Channel Programs & Partnerships at Microsoft says: “The Channel Institute is a great way to unify channel thought leadership from across the technology industry worldwide, driving best practices in channel management and channel marketing.”

The Channel Institute is also in the process of being certified to ISO29990, an internationally recognized standard for providers of learning services. It recognizes that the training provider has formal plans, processes and templates in place to ensure their courses meet the highest standards globally.

Three more courses are planned to launch in 2019:

  • Certificate in Co-Selling
  • Certificate in Business Transformation for Technology Resellers

Readers can sign up on the web site for discounts and advance notification for when these courses launch.

About the Channel Institute:

The Channel Institute is the only training body in the world that provides business training and certification specifically for the channel profession through a syllabus validated by a vendor-independent Industry Advisory Council. The Institute currently offers three certificate courses supporting channel managers, channel marketers and channel resellers:

  • The Certificate in Channel Management
  • The Certificate in Channel Marketing
  • The Certificate in Digital Co-Marketing

The Channel Institute also licenses its course content to universities and vendor training academies to bolster their channel training libraries.

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