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We’ve all seen those tiled playgrounds where kids have decorated tiles with their hands, pictures, names and more. Now Traci Hogg, a stay at home mom from Charlotte, NC has created the New Baby Homepage site to do the same for birth announcements on the web.

On The New Baby Homepage are 630 squares, each of which will eventually contains a thumbnail image of a newborn. The squares are leased for a duration of between 3 months and two years and that includes a ‘mini-blog’ where proud parents can list baby’s vital statistics (birth weight, length, parents names etc) and add any extra information and two more (full size) pictures.

Although the website is called The New Baby Homepage, it is not only for newborns. The home page will always show the picture of the baby (say between 0 and 3 years), but the blog can show the up-to-date photo of the child. For instance, David is now 4 and shown in the blog up-to-date, but

his baby picture is on the homepage.

On her Blog Traci says she was inspired by the million dollar homepage, but she wanted to create a website for worldwide baby announcements. Her mission, assisted by her husband Walt, is to unite babies of all ages and backgrounds from around the world.

By poplar request, a $10 Baby Announcement for one month was just added to the Buy Square order area. It is good to see the business is extremely responsive to customer requests.

Traci is not a newcomer to advertising and promotion. She got some attention last year when she sold advertising space on the clothing of her baby, Jake on eBay.

The New Baby Homepage can be found at .

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