6 Tips on How to Create Your First Marketing Video

Video is one of the important elements that you need to implement for your digital marketing campaign. The reason is that everyone now likes to go online to watch videos. If you don’t do video marketing, you are not taking full advantage of all the customers that you can claim for your business. Almost every business now has video advertisements that play on the internet so you should also be making videos to promote your products. The following are 6 tips on creating your first marketing video.

6 Tips on How to Create Your First Marketing Video 1

Show Off Your Personality in the Video

Create your first marketing video is not a hard task if you have a unique personality. A host with a unique personality can quickly capture the audience’s attention. There are a lot of times people make a purchase just because they like the video personality. If people like you, they will also like your product. Having a charismatic host is essential. If you are not charismatic enough, you can ask someone else to be the host on the camera. It is often not easy to talk on the microphone even when you are not standing in front of a stage. However, it may not be a difficult task for charismatic people since they are used to entertaining whoever they come across.

Set Up a Professional Background in the Video

No matter what video you create, you must make sure that there is a professional background behind you. You can set up a Chroma key background or you can set up the background with your own interior design skills. For example, put a shelf behind you that is decorated with various items related to the video topic. If it is a screencast, you can use a blurred background. Blur background can be easily created with a blur video editor like Movavi Video Editor.

Customize the Video for Every Social Media Platform

You must customize your video according to the video platform. There is a different requirement for different platforms, for example, on Instagram, it is best to use a square video. A study conducted on Buffer shows that square videos on Instagram has at least 30% more views. Square videos are also ideal for posting on a site with a high amount of visitors coming from a mobile device. On the other hand, if your blog has more desktop users, you should create a landscape video. You should also optimize the length of your video based on the social media platform. For example, on Instagram, the ideal length is 30 seconds because the study shows that videos that averaged 26 seconds get the most comments.

Maintain Consistent Branding in Your Video

Staying consistent in your branding throughout the marketing video is important. There are lots of video branding elements to be followed in your guidelines. For example, you must decide what tone the video should have. Should the video be serious or humorous? You’ll also need to decide what tone of voice you will be using in the video. Colour palette, typefaces, graphics, and music are other elements that depend on your brand logo. In addition, you must figure out the most prominent place to put the logo in the video. The intro and outro scenes are also elements that help people recognize your brand.

Be Authentic in Your Video

Many people create their videos with a strong script, enhance them with special effects, hire an eloquent host but all these are not what that make the video authentic. If you want people to feel you are genuine, don’t just focus on talking about things that relate to the brand. Instead, open up to the viewer about something personal, for example, discuss something you have been struggling. Add some stories from your personal diary in the video and you will be able to build a relationship with your customers.

Add Captions to Video

Finally, don’t forget to add captions to your video. Captions can help people to understand the message more clearly. Even with the audio turned on, people can still miss the message for various reasons such as the speaker talks too fast, the viewer doesn’t understand some words. If you put a caption, people will know what word you are saying and they can search for the meaning of the word if they don’t understand. Lots of people like to watch videos without sound so adding captions in your video is necessary. Captions can also help the audience to interact with the video. If your video follows a design theme, you can create the caption to blend in with the theme.

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