6 Social Media Management Tools to Save Time

As a small business owner, time is of the essence. No matter how much wealth and experience we acquire in our lifetimes, time is something we can never add to. Therefore, it is important that we use it wisely.

Although social media offers many benefits for the entrepreneur, using it properly can be time consuming. Check out these 6 tools I’ve been using that will save you time while you up your social media game.

  1. Hootsuite

“Connections are some of the most important aspects of social media,” says social media influencer Jonathan Foley. “Hootsuite makes connecting with potential customers faster and easier.” Now you can strengthen your customer relationships as well as reach out to your target audience, all from an easy-to-use dashboard. In addition to offering ways to tweak your social media strategy, Hootsuite’s analytics measure your return on investment, so you can get a better idea of where you are.


The future of social media is getting multiple platforms to converse and work with each other without forcing you to jump back and forth. IFFTTT is already taking a huge step in that direction. Using sophisticated algorithms, IFFTTT will connect and sync all your social media accounts, regardless of the platform. The specific relationships among them are completely customizable. All you have to do is tell it what you want. Now, anything you post on one social media platform can automatically be uploaded on up to three other platforms, saving you precious time.

  1. SocialOomph

Everyone wants to take their social media game to the next level, and that’s precisely what SocialOomph can for you. It seeks to increase your productivity level, so that you get more oomph with every post. One advantage this resource offers is that, in addition to more traditional platforms such as Twitter or YouTube, it works with Tumblr and Plurk. SocialOomph also allows users to connect multiple accounts that use the same platform.

  1. AgoraPulse

AgoraPulse is one of the finest social media management tools out there, simply because it offers so much. First, it is extremely convenient, as it compiles every notification from every social media account. With its dashboard, there is no need to log out or switch between platforms in order to catch up on updates. Second, it offers automated moderation, which means your profiles will be gaining eyeballs and getting work done even if you are sleeping or away. Talk about productive! Finally, AgoraPulse helps with running contests or quizzes, which are excellent for increasing your online engagement and presence.

  1. SocialFlow

Sometimes social media can get so overwhelming that your profile feels unmanageable and your audience completely unpredictable. SocialFlow believes that, using data and statistics, you can tame any social media account and create the social media strategy that works best for your specific goals. They work hard to provide you with the analytics and numbers you need in order to succeed. Currently, the platforms they work with are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and GooglePlus. If you use any of these, definitely give SocialFlow a try.

  1. Sprout Social

An account with Sprout Social means a myriad of special features at your fingertips. One particularly useful tool they offer is the Smart Inbox, which combines the messages from all your social media accounts in one place. This means you never have to miss an opportunity for engagement again! They also offer real-time monitoring, customer relationship management tools and bonus features that make collaboration easier. Their current users include Stanford University, Hyatt, Ticketmaster and UPS.

Melissa Thompson
Melissa Thompson writes about a wide range of topics, revealing interesting things we didn't know before. She is a freelance USA Today producer, and a Technorati contributor.