5 Fascinating Instagram Tactics That Can Help Your Business Grow

With the massive growth on Instagram, Instagram has become the best social media platform for growing businesses. All you need to know is the tools therein. Use them accordingly to stand-out so as to see your business grow.

Irrespective of the size of your business and what you deal with, Instagram helps boost businesses enormously by targeting the right audience out of the more than 800 million users. However, it doesn’t come by posting and grabbing a mug of coffee. There are a few tactics you’ll have to implement to achieve this.

  • Cross Promote Your Content

Most Instagram account owners already have other social media accounts such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

As a result, it’s possible to have a bigger number of people following you on other platforms but not on Instagram. But there’s a solution.

Cross promote. How? Link your other social platforms to your Instagram account, to be able to reshare your Instagram posts in the other social networks.

Research by Buzzsumo shows that Instagram generated an extra 23 percent engagement from photos that were initially shared on Instagram then shared on Facebook. This is evidence that cross-promoting can cause a phenomenal growth to your business.

  • Analyze Statistics

You have heard that a specific time is the most appropriate time to post on Instagram. Well, that may be true. Nevertheless, it depends on your followers.

So, before you conclude a particular time is the most appropriate, analyze your followers using Instagram features to know which time they are most active on Instagram. Choose that time to make your posts so that they can see them as soon as you make the post.

  • Utilize The Editing Tools On Instagram

Instagram has tools such as filters, color palette, captions, among others. These tools allow users to give their images an outstanding and appealing color to attract a bigger audience. Not only so, but they also make it possible to use a perfect style when posting photos according to your preferences.

Research conducted by COLORCOM shows that 62 to 90 percent of Instagram users define a person from the color they use on their images.

On the other hand, 52 percent said if a particular store doesn’t impress them due to their color scheme, they never go back to it. What’s more? 84.7 percent said they buy a product due to its color.

You see, it’s crucial to make use of the Instagram tools professionally to grow your business by converting your followers to customers.

  • Make Your Products Shoppable

Making your products shoppable is one effective way to grow your business. You achieve this by adding a call-to-action. How? Tag the product. What more? Give a very decent price for your product. The results? You will not only attract a high number of followers within a short time but also make your business to grow tremendously within a short period.

Competition is high, and each business wants to grow. You’ve got to stand out.

  • SFS (“Share For Share”)

As a wise business owner, you need to identify other like-minded business owners on Instagram. See if there is something unique you love about them. Can you share it with your followers and tag them to acknowledge them? Did they post an image and you liked it? Share it with your followers and tag them. This is one way of promoting their business.

If they are good people, they’ll feel impressed and want to share your content, too, with their followers. If, however, they do not, you can assume they have not taken note of it, yet. Send them a message or an email and inform them that you loved their posts and shared it on your page. Let them know you tagged them to show them some acknowledgment.

Go further and ask them if there is something good they have seen on your wall and ask them to share it with their audience. This is what “Share for Share” is all about. Both of your business will definitely shoot up within a short time.


With the more than 800 million daily Instagram users, you cannot miss to grow your business if you use Instagram tools accordingly. However, you need to work smart to outsmart the rest. How? Apply each of these fascinating but straightforward tactics. Start with one and move to the next as you analyze the result of each.

Melissa Thompson writes about a wide range of topics, revealing interesting things we didn’t know before. She is a freelance USA Today producer, and a Technorati contributor.