There’s a Hidden Version of Events in The McStay Missing Persons’ Case!

I reviewed everything I had last night. Two dozen articles, photos, a half dozen videos, the McStay web site and some notes of my own, mostly random speculation or theories of mine about what might have happened. There have been very few new developments in the past two weeks, but rather only a consolidation of what we already know.

Tim Miller with Texas Equusearch is conducting a search of the nearly 40 miles of isolated terrain between San Diego and the Mexican border of San Ysidro, where the McStay vehicle had been parked. Note that it’s 80 miles from the McStay house that is in Bonsall, Ca., north of San Diego.

It was reported yesterday that Lt. Dennis Brugos of the San Diego Sheriff’s Office wanted to interview the brother again, Michael McStay. Perhaps there are still loose ends that could use some tying up. Michael was interviewed by phone on Jane Velez-Mitchell on Monday, February 22nd. Michael’s theory is: “I think my family was kidnapped!”

Jane asked him about the large gap of time from when the family seemingly disappeared, and when family members became aware enough of this problem that it was time to report it to the police. This is an 11 day gap of time, from Feb, 4th to Feb. 15th. On the 6th the cell phones went dead. The Isuzu trooper was towed on the 8th, but connecting the vehicle with the family occurred much later.

mcstay flier
The McStay Family missing persons’ flier. Did they ever drive to San Ysidro and park their Isuzu Trooper?

Again, why wasn’t there more panic in the family or friends right after the 4th? It’s been said that family members were close to the McStay’s? Yet no action was taken until 11 days later. Michael gives us a timeline, but it’s incomplete. He says that by the 9th they were calling the house constantly. This would include the business partner of Joseph, whose name I haven’t heard mentioned so far.

Michael says the house was checked on the 9th and again on the 12th. Does this just mean that the doorbell was rung? If no one was home and they wouldn’t answer their cell phones, I don’t see why they weren’t reported missing, at least by the 9th? I don’t believe family considered it feasible that they had gone on vacation and yet didn’t tell anyone.

As far as the vehicle being left in a parking lot of a popular shopping center strip mall in San Ysidro, I don’t believe it was Joseph and his family that drove that vehicle there and parked it. What I’d like to know, is what fingerprints did the police find on the steering wheel or anywhere on the car? Granted, there were two child safety seats intact in the Isuzu, but those could have already been there.

The reason I don’t believe that the family ever drove down to the border, is that they wouldn’t have left the dogs, Bear and Digger, without food and water. The mother, Summer would have put the fruit and vegetables back in the refrigerator. And the most telling sign that they never drove away on a short day trip, is that Summer left her prescription sunglasses on the counter. This just didn’t happen!

Therefore, the culprit or culprits must have planted the car in San Ysidro to make it look like the family went to Mexico. The perpetrator probably wore gloves so as to not leave any fingerprints. I’m sure San Diego detectives are working this angle, but will not reveal these vital clues to the public. The McStay’s never left Falbrook/Bonsall!

I’ve heard also that the mother Summer changed her name around frequently. Was she hiding something from her past? Or was there someone who she was trying to avoid? For one thing, it’s been reported (on Jane Velez-Mitchell) that she had a fake birth certificate. Her age is 42, but I’ve seen it different in various articles I’ve read.

Here are some mutations of her name: Lisa Aranda, Virginia Lisa Aranda, Summer Martelli, Summer McStay and Lisa Aranda Martelli. On Jane’s show Issues, Dale Archer said that if we can answer why she changed her name, we will have the key to the whole mystery. The question of a changing name does make you wonder why ‘Summer’ would want to do this, if she wasn’t trying to dodge someone?

So we don’t really have any new hard facts that will help us solve this missing persons case. What could the motive possibly be to cause some bad people to do such a bad thing? Sex, drugs and money are the usual reasons given for such misdeeds. Drugs and money can be tied together as one and the same, in a sense.

And yet this family seems so normal, wholesome and happy! It does not fit. Yet there is another story under the surface. It’s our job to expose that story that’s sequestered between the lines of the ‘public version.’ What we’re hearing now is not the True Version. It can’t be because it does not jive with what we know has happened.

Michael’s theory is that it’s economic. He knows the family best, so I’ll agree with him. “With what’s going on in today’s economy and how close his car was found to the border, the first thing I’m thinking is that it has something to do with money.” More of the brother’s words: “People do stupid stuff for money, but I’m praying for the best.”

Aren’t we all!