Some Churchgoers Ought Not Say: ‘Amen,’ But Instead: ‘Oh NO!’

The new documentary: “Black Church, Inc.: Prophets for Profit” excellently exposes financial corruption and exploitation occurring in African-American churches, as well as churches in other races and mixed congregations. Religion greed and manipulation has reached epidemic proportions in such a way that, even congregation members seem to confuse despicably WRONG things that have become distorted about exalting God and neighborly charity, as being RIGHT in accordance to that which supplies gratification. Further, some congregations cooperate with religion greed by berating those (like me), who confront and oppose religion racketeering and political corruption that creates a society of “Haves” and “Have Nots.”

I am thankful that the urgency of spotlighting abuses and illegal charismatic religion activity is gaining public attention, especially since for years of speaking against what is going on, I have been subjected to incredible persecution, employment blacklisting, and unsafe circumstances. In fact, religion corruption is what prevented time for writing on Newsblaze, among other things, including moving forward since Hurricane Katrina.

Scores of Hurricane Rita and Katrina evacuees suffered unbearable exploitation, deprivation, separation from families, and exile from their home towns!

I stumbled on “Prophets for Profit,” a few days ago. However, I have been doing my own railing against appalling religion exploitation and private inurement that is going on in too many Black churches – while neighborly outreach and ethics appear to be foreign concepts. Defrauding and exploiting people via religion seems especially acceptable when those being defrauded by religion abuses are deemed “outsiders,” and federal dollars can be gained by utilizing disadvantaged people.

The following is a sample of what my life is like – and an abstract from my website post: “Let the Church of Jesus Christ Say: ‘Amen’ – Others Say: ‘Oh My’!” I didn’t write it because I think I’m perfect, but because I needed to take a stand. I was pleased to learn that “Prophets for Profit” is also calling attention to religion fraud, but it did not include federal funding program frauds.

In the near future, because my faith in God, and the things I am taught and being fashioned as a result of my horrific times, I look forward to sharing with the Newsblaze audience, more about those things. But for now, it is crucial to report and expose grievous national problems involving with religion greed and exploitation – and how it affects every American, including people who are not religious, people don’t go to any church, and people who believe their church is a sound one.

“It is critical to call out / shine spotlights on pulpit orators, scheming wives, and people who facilitate spiritually grievous activities! And shame on the (jail house?) ‘preachers’ who formerly were inmates, but not bothering to scratch the surface as far as what can be done regarding Louisiana’s prison capital situation and their families! And the increasing WORSE BLACK CHURCH PROBLEM is unless there’s Federal Funding $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ for which “Let’s Make A Deal” preachers & families can PRETEND to help people – skinnin’ & grinnin’ preachers are not fazed that members of their churches struggle with problems which those members don’t know how to handle. It’s not to say the church should solve people’s issues (although as a church family if gossip and lack of love wasn’t such church problems, “reasoning together” could help one another!) but too many pastors have become too removed from their members for the purpose of becoming full time “entrepreneurs.”

People who invest their hearts and money in their churches should not need to feel like Jerry Springer, Oprah Winfrey, Steve Harvey, “Madea,” are the only people who can relate to their life situations, while fellow members exhibit indifference and rejection. Is there any mystery as to why people could turn to alcohol, prostitution, or even conceal gay lifestyles, prior to dealing with lots of so-called Christians?

A nonstop alarm and federal prosecutions need to happen regarding the pervasive fact that for too many Black Preachers are involved in NONPROFIT FEDERAL FUNDING FRAUD under pretense of giving shelter to people who were NEVER homeless (like hurricane-displaced me!!! ), feeding & educating the poor HAS BECOME a magnificent way of tax evasion and money laundering under pretense of helping disadvantaged people. And such preachers utilize religion manipulation and congregations to divert attention away from federal funding frauds and attack victims for not cooperating with being defrauded, and for being impediments to funding fraud schemes!

Instead of HELPING people with those federal funds, the Black Preachers and allies on their payrolls HURT, and sometimes worsen people’s lives – particularly in times of disaster relief funds given to faith-based organizations when floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, fires, or any catastrophe occurs!

“In a sense, for some members and their loved-ones, matters like these are their prisons: sexual identity and confusion insurmountable debt suicide, homicide thoughts loneliness medical conditions jailed loved-ones incest and molestation domestic violence AIDS slum landlords worry fear BULLIED AT THEIR WORKPLACES! rodent infestations gambling, pharmaceutical, substance addiction -some of people’s troubles are linked to disconnect they feel at churches (unless they’re ‘prominent’ in society). Ironically, FAME-SEEKING PULPIT CELEBRITIES who climb social ladders by means of their -not God’s pulpit, pretty much are saying to their flock: ‘good luck with ALL that.'”

Furthermore, people who hasten to interject that people are in their predicaments because of their poor choices – “GO ALONG, TO GET ALONG FOLK,” are often selfishly “at ease in Zion.” Equal fault lies with people who assert the “poor choices” mantra, and practice “passing by on the other side”(Luke 10:31-32), while looking away from hurting people with disdain. And even worse, is the shocking, shameless folks who incorporate nonprofits (NGOs), and then obtain skilled grant writers so they can acquire federal and state funding to enrich themselves and their families – with help from their favorite politician and courtroom judges, to commit frauds.

But even if peoples’ choices caused their predicament, should someone’s grandmother or auntie be involved in an auto accident because someone was so overwhelmed with his or her sorrows he / she drank alcohol?

Some abstracts from “Let the Church of Jesus Christ Say: ‘Amen’ – Others Say: ‘Oh My’!”