New Laws That Everyone Needs To Know About

In the United States and abroad, the laws are constantly changing. This is not a coincidence. As society changes, it is vital for the federal governments to take steps to ensure that the laws are properly addressing society’s current problems. In recent times, federal and state governments have taken steps to enact new laws. Those laws are going to impact pretty much everyone. Below, readers are going to learn a great deal more about the new laws and their impact.


In the state of California, Governor Jerry Brown took steps to change the way the food industry works. AB626 was signed by the Governor just recently. The law makes it possible for individuals to sell foods to the public even if the foods have been cooked in their own homes. This is just one step towards passing cottage food laws across the nation. The laws aim to help home-based food businesses. In 2012, California passed the Homemade Food Act. This law allowed home cooks to sell foods that were at very low risk of foodborne illness.

There is a good chance that similar laws will be enacted across the nation in the company months and years.

California Doctors

A lot of people believe that doctors are the most trustworthy individuals in the world. This may not always be the case. In fact, doctors get into trouble just as much as everyone else. This is why California lawmakers have decided to take steps to protect consumers from naughty doctors. On Wednesday, Governor Brown announced that he had signed the new Patient Right to Know Act. That made California the first state to require doctors to let their patients know when they’ve been put on probation for harming their patients.

Now, California doctors will be required to tell their patients when they’re placed on disciplinary probation for sexual misconduct. That could very well a long way towards protecting consumers from seedy doctors.

London Breed

Also, Mayor London Breed has made a big splash after being inaugurated. The Mayor was inaugurated two just months ago and she has already decided to get the ball rolling. This week, it was announced that the Mayor had signed her first major law in hopes of securing the city’s stalled housing. The law will target roughly 3,400 housing units. Nearly 500 of those units will be permanently affordable. The new legislation is designed to provide all development projects with 30 months to secure building permits starting immediately after entitlements are given by the city.

Protecting Credit

It has also been announced that there is a new law that will help consumers protect their credit. The new law will give consumers the opportunity to freeze their credit. They can also gain access to a full year of free fraud alerts. This law is scheduled to go into effect on September 21, 2018. Some consumers are dealing with terrible personal injuries, while others have poor credit. can help consumers in the former category. The new law will help those in the latter group.

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