Motorcycle Accidents on the Rise But Not All Are At-Fault

The latest statistics released by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) are from 2015, but at that time motorcycle accidents were on the rise. The unfortunate statistic is that many of the accidents were listed as ‘not-at-fault’ for the driver of the motorcycle, and any injuries sustained were due to the negligence of the other driver.

Riders injured in a motorcycle accident, either as the driver or a passenger, should seek out a motorcycle accident attorney at their earliest opportunity. Past experience shows a bias prevalent in assigning fault when a motorcycle is involved.

Some Amazing Facts from the IIHS

According to IIHS statistics, there were more than seven million motorcycles on the roads in 2008. With each passing year, one-thousand new cycles are sold. Some of these may be upgrades for the owner, not additional bikes, but the number of cycles on the road continues to rise. That, in itself is a fairly amazing statistic.

Imagine ten-million motorcycles on the roads and it can be seen how serious a problem it is when so many suffer accidents annually.

Motorcycle Accidents More Likely to Result in Death

What these 2014 statistics also show is that a person is 27 times more likely to die when involved in a motorcycle crash than in a car accident. That is one frightening statistic. Also, looking back at the year 2008, a record 5,290 people died as the result of a motorcycle accident, of which not all were the result of an at-fault motorcycle driver.

It can’t be said often enough that the driver of the bike may not be at fault. Altogether too often this is the assumption for some unknown reason in society. The sad fact is, both drivers and passengers are more likely to die as the result of injuries sustained on a motorcycle than in a car, even though helmets greatly reduce mortality rates.

Motorcycle Laws Vary State-to-State

Bikers tend to be ready to go out on the road whenever they get a chance. Many like to take longer rides simply because they don’t seem to get out as often as they want. For this reason, some accidents happen in another state that has far different laws from the state they are licensed to drive.

motorcycle in desert
Motorcycle in the Desert.

The difference in laws between states is a good reason to contact an attorney after an accident.

Whether or not the motorcycle driver is found at-fault in the police report, it pays to have legal representation. Getting compensation after being injured through the fault of another is not automatic. Sometimes it seems really simple, but not as easy to prove.

The number of motorcycle accidents is up and so, too, are the number of traffic related deaths and serious injuries.

Prevention is crucial but so too is knowing what to do after an accident. Everyone should understand all the things to do after being injured in an accident.

The next IIHS report should be very informative.