How Can Criminal Defense Attorneys Help Your Case?

In 2017 alone, over 10 million people were arrested in the United States. While some people won’t get any charges filed against them, some people’s cases will go to trial.

While you can represent yourself in court, it’s almost always better to use the services of criminal defense attorneys. Attorneys understand the process, which helps them avoid basic mistakes.

Of course, criminal defense attorneys help your case in many other ways. Keep reading to find out how they help you.

Help You Avoid Accidentally Incriminating Yourself

Even if you didn’t commit the crime the police question you about, you can still accidentally incriminate yourself by lying. Many people don’t realize that lying to a police officer during an investigation is a crime.

An attorney will discuss the details of your situation with you in private. Then, they can advise you not to answer certain questions. They also keep the questioning calm, which discourages you from blurting out things that might prove false.

Someone You Can Safely Discuss Sensitive Details With

If you become the subject of a police investigation, anything you say to anyone can end up working against you. That means you can’t discuss the details with friends or family members.

Your lawyer is the exception to this rule. You get attorney-client privilege. That means the court can’t force your lawyer to reveal the details of your discussions.

That means you get an outlet where you can vent frustrations or simply review details of the events safely.

Investigative Help

The district attorney’s office gets investigative help from the police department. Police conduct witness interviews, collect evidence and even analyze that evidence. You don’t get professional investigators paid for by the state.

Top criminal defense attorneys, on the other hand, almost always employ an in-house team of investigators. These investigators do for you what the police do the for the district attorney. It helps level the playing field.

Sound Legal Strategy

A good criminal defense attorney can help you develop a sound legal strategy.

If the DA has a weak case, your attorney might suggest taking the case to trial. If the DA has a strong case, your lawyer can advise or negotiate a plea deal for a lesser charge.

Experience with the court, the district attorney’s office, and cases like yours help them know the probable outcomes. That information lets them give you the best strategy for navigating the situation.

Parting Thoughts on How Criminal Defense Attorneys Help Your Case

Criminal defense attorneys can help your case in many ways.

They help you avoid incriminating yourself during questioning. They give you a safe person with whom you can discuss case details.

They also help you level the playing field. They bring their own investigators into the process, which can turn up evidence the police missed.

The most important way they help your case is with a sound legal strategy. They can analyze the case and predict the likeliest outcome in court. That lets them advise you on the best approach for navigating the case.

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