Foreclosure Fraud Assault – A Cry For Help

Media coverage on foreclosure scams, fraud, and shoddy judicial pleadings has tremendously heightened public awareness about dark sides of home foreclosures. News stories and information have even slightly changed public opinion about foreclosure happening only to borrowers who stupidly got in over their head or used their home as an ATM.

Even so, a foreclosure that entails savagery, fraud, corruption, greed, intrusion, peril, trauma, desolation, shocking deviation from established law and court rules and procedures, and reprisals for whistleblowing and for not relinquishing one’s home to sham foreclosure is a riveting story worth being told.

Foreclosure Fraud Is Assault On People

The identity of the victim and the perpetrators are eventually identified in the story. Although not on such a large scale, what happened to this victim has happened elsewhere. As news reports continue to enlighten us about the nuances of mortgage and foreclosure fraud, and more people become able to identify Constitutional deprivations, it will be even clearer the harm our courts are causing.

The victim’s painful story comes with a plea for humanity to rise to a duty of raising awareness, and not merely for the sake of aiding this one victim. It is for the sake of calling attention – and hopefully “making a difference” by requiring lawmakers to make changes in what appears to be third-world judicial systems of shocking perversion and inequality, harmful to the entire economy.

In pointing out this story, it must not viewed with ambulance chaser / class action windfall aims. No, this story seeks to bring about change from which, we as a nation can all ultimately benefit as we learn additional facets associated with questionable banking practices. Likewise, this story seeks to bring about change with regard to the awful and unfair manner our courts are being utilized to aid the powerful and cripple the helpless who even dare to oppose being wrong.

Encapsulated in the story “Foreclosure Assault, Louisiana Style (absolutely verifiable),” the victim’s graphic details of years of harm from lawyers, judges, and banks summed up as ‘assault’ is commensurate with defilement, exploitation, humiliation, bigotry, betrayal, invasion, revilement, assault, depredation, torture, despoliation, stigmatization, maltreatment, denigration, ruin, pillage, ransack, intrusion, and racism.

Fraud Victim Cries Out

The victim has no option other than to cry out for help in this urgent appeal, and hope that people who read this story will be prompted to outrage, as well as motivated to circulate this story so that change can come, to target judicial systems that facilitate social harm.

Central elements of the victim’s story

Following years of prompt mortgage payments, upon falling behind, the homeowner (the victim) contacted the mortgage “servicer,” Wells Fargo Mortgage to discuss options. Wells Fargo insisted upon the victim signing “loan modification” documents and sending in a money order to Wells Fargo in order to keep the home.

The modification contained conditions unacceptable to the homeowner. The possibility of the home being taken if the modification papers weren’t completely filled out was enough incentive for the victim to comply with Well Fago’s instructions; but discussions broke down thereafter, including the victim’s ability to pay.

Wells Fargo turned over the modified loan debt to a foreclosure mill debt collection lawyer who used a defunct lender’s identity to foreclose, as well as demand unfair fees. At some point after foreclosure had been filed, the victim discovered that the modification consisted of a contract between the homeowner and a fictitious lender.

Along various stages of foreclosing on the victim’s home, lawyers, sheriffs and judges enabled collection of the debt that was created by Wells Fargo’s fraudulent loan modification. While at first their conduct could be understood as duties that were consistent with various offices and roles they held, undeniable falsehoods and deceptions made it clear that serving justice was not the desired outcome.

The victim’s resistance to such things as multiple frauds, coercion, Constitutional violations privacy invasions, began a long road of horror. Among the motives for resisting was that the home was definitely not going to be returned to the rightful lender which owned the mortgage loan.

Specifically detailed in the victim’s narrative is the manner in which the victim believes the home was acquired for the foreclosure lawyer through a straw buyer at the collection lawyer’s fake auction.

Adversarial Legal System

The victim describes horrible years of court battles and litigation prior to, and after the ‘auction’. For the victim, it was the battle ground where, in addition to things already mentioned, the victim was consistently denied access to justice, subjected to tyranny, and threatened with loss of freedom for not cooperating with real estate fraud.

Because adversarial conditions worsened, the victim also describes being forced to cease taking post-degree college classes; and precise acts by adversary attorneys forced the victim’s loss of 2 jobs; and even caused the victim to lose the lawyer who began handling the case. And because lawyers and various foes became added to the battle, in order to reply to the avalanche of pleadings filed by adversary lawyers, the victim was consumed with learning and studying legal materials at the law library.

Aside from this being a story of mortgage and foreclosure entrenched in extortion, this incredible true story describes arrogance and cruelty of courtroom judges who deliberately abuse their power, and amazingly go overboard to break laws and to help lenders and lawyers to break laws that the judges are sworn to uphold.

You can read “Foreclosure Assault, Louisiana Style (absolutely verifiable),” and please circulate it as far as possible so that certain well-kept secrets of harmful public fraud, will be less able to harm us all because of this additional insight on mortgage and foreclosure frauds. If not for ourselves, this story might be insightful or helpful for a loved one or friend. Case study information helps citizens to help their state attorneys general combat consumer fraud – for which far too many courts systems are used in furtherance of appalling wrongs against consumers.

Whether or not a person owes a debt or defaults on it, no court should be used to oppress, violate or wrong any American citizen, particular when to do so unjustly benefits the rich and powerful; and particularly when by all appearances certain judges receive benefits too.

Again, here is the story and the link. Foreclosure Assault, Louisiana Style. . .(re: Wells Fargo)

That story is compelling enough to Buzz it up and tweet it up to Congress, and to CNN and all other news media.

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