‘Contours of Conspiracy’ Can Be Detected in My Pristine Photo of Jose and Lee!

“I’ve got every reason on earth to be mad, ’cause I’ve just lost the only girl I had. And if I could get my way, I’d get myself locked up today, But I can’t so I cry instead. I’ve got a chip on my shoulder that’s bigger than my feet, I can’t talk to people that I meet. And if I could see you now, I’d try to make you sad somehow, But I can’t so I cry instead.” I’ll Cry Instead – The Beatles

Was there more behind the exclusion of Lee in the goings on of Casey’s pregnancy? Is there a deeper reason underneath this exclusion (than meets the eye) and Lee’s apparent hurt and anger, than simply shame with an unwanted pregnancy?

As Lee broke out crying (and Casey as well) when reliving these troubling moments at finding Casey was pregnant (2005), what was the big deal? In watching this I sensed (intuitively) that Lee was hiding something. But what? At this time he was still living at home, and his bedroom was adjacent to Casey’s.

lee anthony pensive

Is there some kind of hint at possible incest here? This has been planted in our minds by Jose Baez in his opening statement. Rather, he merely suggested sexual abuse. But incest would be a logical outgrowth of this allegation. It’s hard to fathom this, but we’re forced to contemplate this very, most frightening thought.

In this way of interpreting his actions and testimony, one would think that Cindy suspected Lee may have been the father, and thus ostracized Lee from the actual birth of Caylee at the hospital, and the subsequent baby shower, which he was not invited to. The issue of who the real father of Caylee was tends to rear its ugly head at this juncture.

Now that’s a dead-end road I don’t care to traverse! On the other hand, the possibility that Lee was role playing on Friday, in an effort to get his sister off, is another side of this two-headed coin, that we might deem the Anthony family and a clever defense attorney, Mr. Baez, who are ganging up in a final match game!

The rickety path of this thought is ‘considered collusion’ between Cindy, Lee, and George, and naturally enough, Jose Baez. While we’re on this Yellow Brick Road, just suppose that Lee is trying to make the abuse or even incest seem real?

Therefore, he can plant in the minds of an already confused jury a scenario where Casey goes bonkers, makes up the nanny story, and goes on a party rampage (of the century) in the latter days of June 2008!

The nuances of this Long and Winding Road of incest and family intrigue go on ad infinitum. Yet I’ll return to Via Roma! Lee tells us much about the Pontiac Sunfire, in terms of three, if not four, blatant carpet stains in the trunk. This is my fourth or fifth visit back to said carpet stains. No one can get it right, neither prosecution nor defense.

At least three of these stains were already there when Cindy and George purchased the accursed vehicle in 2000. Lee verified three of the stains as having always been there. As for the Shroud of Turin (the imprint of Caylee’s body), Lee said it was more like white powder, than a horrendous stain from human decomposition. Remember, Cindy had doused it a good one with Febreze.

trunk stains

CSI sprayed it with a blue substance (which may have been luminal), but the evidence is hopelessly compromised, at this point.

The media only emphasizes Cindy and Lee’s testimony as being important from Friday. I wholeheartedly disagree with this. Linda Tinelli, an Equu-Search volunteer working with Kidfinders (in August of 2008), got on the witness stand also. A pertinent fixture of her experience is the knowledge of seeing George Anthony with a roll of Henkel duct tape.

At the time, Orange County detectives followed up on Linda Tinelli’s gem, with a scheme to put a wire in her home, and attempt to get the Anthony’s over there, and sing like canaries about their conceivable role played in Caylee’s disappearance.

This entrapment scheme caved in, and this line of investigation (a reasonable line) was abandoned. But why?

yuri melich detective

I’ve watched this one three times through, and I must admit, this is essential viewing for anyone even half-way interested in the Casey Anthony trial! If you don’t walk away from this Reel shrieking conspiracy, then someone must be putting something funny in your coffee!

I won’t summarize Reel 10 for you, that would do it a grievous injustice. Slivers of analysis only. Why did George walk up to Yuri’s patrol car and have a private word with him when he departed the first time, in the wee hours of July 16th, 2008?

Did Yuri and George know one and another previous to this date? Baez asked him this very question. Melich answered no. George had been a detective; doesn’t it seem a little odd their paths had never crossed before?

Was it George who tipped him off towards a thorough examination of the Sunfire? It sure looks that way. Is the Sunfire evidence what they were talking about during this secret rendezvous at his patrol car? I suspect as much.

And why was the Sunfire not looked at until after Casey was arrested? Why didn’t Detective Melich notice the obvious odor wafting from the car earlier, such as when he did his initial taped interview with Casey? And how many officers were on the scene initially? Even this is in dispute.

Then Baez questions him why he didn’t subpoena George’s cell phone records, whereas he did subpoena (from the Metropolitan Bureau of Investigation) the regular ground line home phone records. The bottom line here is Yuri only followed the trail of Casey’s phone records, overlooking George’s, Cindy’s and Lee’s.

An assumption was made that it was only Casey who could have done it. Other leads were overlooked. Especially, take a look at the situation with the duct tape, that can be exclusively tied to George.

Roy Kronk comes up on Reel 10 too – that’s a whole other can of worms! Was Kronk set up to find the remains? This could be fodder for an entire chapter in some opportunist’s book, don’t you think?

The biggest clinker of all is a cover-up by Detective Melich, who gave the District Attorney’s office six months of cell phone records on Roy Kronk, but short-changed Baez with only two weeks of phone records. Looks like the prosecution is joining in the game of discovery violations.

lee and jose

Ultimately, we want to know, did Kronk know where the remains were back in August of 2008? Roy should be in the hot seat next week, so maybe we’ll get some clues then.

Finally, I ask you to look at my photo of Jose and Lee, when Jose pats him on the back as if to say; “Good job! Your performance warrants an Academy Award; you nearly got Casey off single-handed!” So do you believe the Anthony’s are teaming up with Baez to get their flesh and blood acquitted?

Every rag in the country ran a pic of Lee with crocodile tears streaming down his face, but I’m running a pic that better resembles the Mary Moorman pristine photo with Badge Man sequestered behind the white picket fence!

“Don’t want to cry when there’s people there, I get shy when they start to stare, I’m gonna hide myself away, ay hay; But I’ll come back again someday. And when I do you’d better hide all the girls, I’m gonna break their hearts all ’round the world. Yes, I’m gonna break them in two, and show you what your loving man can do, until then I’ll cry instead.”