Attention, Wal-mart Customers: ‘All Black People Leave Now’

A 16-year-old-boy was taken into custody for saying on a Wal-Mart intercom system, “Attention, Wal-mart customers: “All Black people leave now.”

“Any statements like these that can cause harm or grave concern must be addressed as quickly as we possibly can.” Sean Dalton, Gloucester County Prosecutor said.

It happened at the Washington Township, NJ Wal-Mart. Security tapes didn’t pick-up a clear physical likeness of the suspect.

Authorities scanned sites like Facebook and You-Tube.

They found kids “boasting” about the offensive incident. Police were tipped about it too.

The charges against the teen are intimidation and harassment. He’s in his parents’ custody.

A juvenile court will hear the case, and he could receive up to a year.

Wal-Mart’s intercom system has been updated at that particular store, according to a spokesmen.