Xbox One Elite Controller Coming in October: Elite Performance, Elite Price

Microsoft has announced its plans to release a new Elite controller for its Xbox One console and Windows 10 this October.

Gaming has popularized dramatically in the past decade with pro gamers able to make comfortable livings. Streaming services such as Twitch have paved the way for competitive gamers to show off their skills and become household names.

As competitive gaming has continued to progress, there is finally a controller looking to do the same.

The new Xbox Elite controller will be priced at $149.00, a very high price for a gaming controller. Currently, the entire Xbox One console is priced at $349 coming with one standard controller.

The $150 Xbox Elite controller

While the price of a controller being almost half the price of the console if unheard of, it is important to remember that this controller is not designed for the casual fan. This controller is truly designed for competitive gamers.

“We set out to create a performance-class controller to meet the needs of today’s competitive gamers. Designed in collaboration with pro-level players, the controller unlocks your full potential and adapts to your unique style of play,” Microsoft stated in its press release.

Why Xbox One Elite?

The Xbox One Elite controller does not get its name for no reason.

The controller comes with options to create unlimited setups. A set of four paddles, six stainless steel thumbsticks including two standard, two tall and two domed, and even a set of two D-pads: faceted and standard.

The Elite’s many accessories

The controller comes with a rubberized diamond grip and is made with high quality components. Many reviewers at E3 were extremely impressed with the craftsmanship of the controller while still being fluid.

Despite the physical appeal, it is the specs that have gamers talking, as Microsoft further explained, “Every surface and detail is designed to meet the rigorous demands of competitive gamers.”

Elite Controls

The faceted D-pad allows for enables easier combo execution for fighting games while the tradition D-pad allow gamers to switch from calling in a missile strike to switching weapons with simplicity.

Hair trigger locks change shooting games forever allowing gamers to fire more efficiently and truly fine tune their shooting.

Trigger movement can now be shortened, enabling more shots.

The four paddles can all be added to the controller or just some. The paddles can also be custom configured to multiple inputs for games.

Customization App

Xbox Elite’s four paddles

An app even allows gamers to further customize the hair trigger locks, adjust thumbstick sensitivities, min/max values, and switch button assignments.

These app settings can be saved as controller profiles allowing gamers to make customized profiles for any game. Switch from setting to setting as you switch from game to game.

Now, gamers can have multiple profiles for the same game, allowing for even different controls for different weapons. Two profiles can even be saved to the actual controller making this switch simple.

The Xbox Elite will come with a 3.5 mm stereo headset jack and also provides gamers with both a wired nine foot USB cable and wireless options while coming with two AA batteries.

Must-Have For Competitive Gamers

Although pricey, the new Xbox Elite controller is a must-have for competitive gamers no matter what games they play.

Every gamer can find something advantageous about this controller. With numerous configurations, the possibilities are endless for gamers.

Make better turns in racing games. Create more efficient combinations in fighting games. Get more accurate kills in shooting games. This controller gives gamers unlimited power.

Elite Controller in carrying case

Moreover, gamers are going to find themselves at a disadvantage if they are not playing with the Elite controller. This means that it will appeal to casual fans looking to get a performance boost, especially if they can afford it.

The new controller will make gaming more progressive for competitive gamers while at the same time making it more enjoyable for spectators to watch.

Setting The Bar

With the Xbox Elite, Microsoft has truly set the bar for videogame controllers.

And does a $150 controller come with a carrying case? Of course, it does. It’s Elite.