What Is the Importance of Translating Business Documents?

Willie Ramirez was rushed to a South Florida hospital in a non-responsive condition. He ended up becoming a quadriplegic because he was misdiagnosed as the victim of a self-induced drug overdose. The real issue was a brain hemorrhage that bled for two days without treatment while Ramirez remained unconscious.

This confusion was caused by a bad translation of the Spanish word “intoxicado” which does not mean “intoxicated.” It means something is wrong due to something that the patient ate or drank.

Not every bad translation is a matter of life or death. Yet, in the world of business, it sometimes seems that way.

Importance of Accurate Translations in Business

When business documents have to be translated for team members or audiences in other countries, it’s important that the finished product be accurate. Often, one small mistake in a contract or letter of proposal risks tanking the entire project.

“You require a skilled and knowledgeable team from a professional translation company to work on your translation and localization projects, consistently delivering high-quality solutions on time,” according to Architekst, which offers professional business translations.

While accuracy and quality are always important in translation, it’s essential when pertaining to business documents of legal importance. Translating documents to the native language of the reader is ideal for a number of reasons. The reader will understand the document much better if they can read it in the language they’re most comfortable with.

However, the stakes are high in the event that something isn’t properly translated, no matter the topic is.

Why Google Translate Doesn’t Work for Business Translations

Google and other platforms offer decent online translation tools. However, these services lack the nuances and business savvy of a professional business translator. There are cultural norms and customs that only a person can navigate. Legal and compliance issues must also be met. Also, if a business principle wishes to refine or change something to better convey a message, it’s helpful to have a resource that can do so with the required delicacy.

Not every mistranslated document results in the tragic circumstance of Willie Ramirez, but business partners and investors aren’t likely to sign a document they can’t understand or that isn’t highly polished.

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