What is a Business Process Review and why is it Important?

Although it may indeed seem quite complicated, a Business Process Review is actually quite straightforward, and will bring a massive increase in the effectiveness and efficiency of your business on the whole.

What are the Benefits of Running a Business Process Review?

There is much that a comprehensive Business Process Review can bring to you and your colleague’s lives.

The Identification and Management of Risks: At any given time, a potential business venture is swarming with all manner of possible shortcomings and blunders. Only with the proper in-depth analysis and coordination can such potential failures be brought to the fore.

Once the potential risks have been brought to light, they can be successfully mitigated and controlled, meaning that you now have far greater control over your projects, and have insurance on any possible downfalls.

An Accurate Estimation of Effort Involved: Obviously one of the most integral factors a company wishes to establish is just how much employee manpower and capital will be invested into a certain project.

A Business Process Review can provide all of the effort-based estimates needed to properly draw up a schedule delineating all of the necessary time and investment needed before a project even begins.

Establishing a Scope: It is not enough that you have a vague idea of goals and objectives – everything that you wish to achieve and develop from a project must be comprehensively established on paper, for all employees and colleagues to know exactly what is expected of them and what you are all collectively striving towards.

By writing up an official Statement of Work, you can not only provide employees with a sterling list of goals, you can – more importantly – ensure that no efforts are wasted towards irrelevant or unnecessary tasks.

Sticking to Realistic Expectations: A Business Process Review really helps put things in perspective for all company members. You need to ensure that everyone is on the same page, and that there is a clear and concise vision that everyone has agreed upon.

Too many businesses grasp for objectives that are far beyond their collective abilities, in terms of capital, the skills of employees, and the overall capacity of a company in general. A Business Process Review is an excellent way to set realistic expectations.

A Thorough Overview

The basic purpose of a Business Process Review is to reveal and document the overall capacity and ongoing processes in a business with regards to their current and future projects. A Business Process Reviewer will shadow various employees and partners in a business throughout their daily lives, carefully observing a multitude of processes and workflows.

Such a professional will sit in on meetings, quietly scrutinizing the happenings, taking notes and making a variety of analyses. They will also request access to otherwise sensitive official documentation and reports.

They will also review the relevant employees involved with the current projects, taking time to question them on the reasoning and intellect of the work at hand.

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