Walmart Introduces Jetblack, Text-to-Order Service

Walmart has revealed their new service called “Jetblack.” The service allows consumers to make their orders via text message. First introduced in New York City, the service comes from an incubator called “Store No. 8.”

The incubator created Jetblack for consumers and families that are too busy to do their own online shopping.

Jetblack allows consumers to send a text message and have their items picked for them via a personalized shopper. There’s no need to browse through birthday present ideas, cleaning supplies or other items with Jetblack.

Users simply have a conversation with the AI platform, texting their thoughts and ideas to the platform. The platform will then analyze what the user stated and present recommendations and reviews to consider.

The platform even allows the user to take a picture, send it to the Jetblack assistant and wait for the assistant to locate the item. If users know exactly what they want, they can also tell the assistant the exact item, and it will place an order on the user’s behalf.

No store pickups are available for the products.

Jetblack makes shopping as easy and streamlined as possible with a quick turnaround time. Jetblack will provide same-day or next-day delivery for the majority of items that are sold. All items are couriered directly to the consumer’s door to make the shopping experience as simple and easy as possible.

Walmart will be the source of most of the items delivered through Jetblack, but the assistant will also look at other stores when items are not available at Walmart. The AI is designed to provide a source of sales for Walmart, but the system is designed to provide the best service to the consumer.

Jetblack was beta tested in New York earlier in the year, but the beta stage of testing has come to an end. Jetblack will be rolling out in additional U.S. cities at a later date, but no details have been provided as to which cities the service will be available in.

A members-only service, users will need to become part of a club to take advantage of the Jetblack service. Users can sign up for a waitlist to be notified when they’ll be able to shop using their own Jetblack assistant.

Users can ask for recommendations on anything, from mattresses to diapers, or they can ask directly for an item, such as “Bruno needs new diapers.” The platform will make the order and schedule a delivery on its own.

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