The advantages of relocating your company to Malta

The relocation of a foreign company to Malta will depend on the legislation of both countries involved, if it is permissive in this direction and if it allows such procedure. Malta aligns with numerous countries that agree on the company relocation and there are numerous investors or business persons who decide for Malta as a new home for their current activities. In most cases, the supervision of a company formation agent might be necessary at the time a company is ready for relocation to Malta.

How does the company relocation to Malta start?

If you have decided it is time to transfer your business activities to Malta, a request in this sense needs to be made to the authorities in charge in this country. The Companies Register in Malta supervises the relocation procedure of foreign companies to Malta in terms of documents. A declaration signed by the administrators of the foreign company asserting the relocation intention, plus a copy of the Memorandum and the Articles of Association of the company need to be submitted to the Maltese authorities. In this matter, foreign investors should observe the Companies Act in Malta and should respect the protocols imposed for a company redomiciliation to this country.

The tax structure as a solid benefit in Malta

There are many reasons why a foreign investor decides to redirect his/her operations to Malta, and among these, the tax matters will weight enough. For instance, non-resident companies in Malta need to pay the taxes only for the income registered in this country. Stockholders with companies in Malta can benefit from a corporate tax exemption if the incomes are registered from the participation in a holding company. Malta has signed numerous double tax treaties (more than 60 agreements) with countries worldwide with the aim of avoiding the double taxation on incomes. It is good to know that relocating a company to Malta is not subject to registration expenses imposed for opening a business from scratch.

Relying on the local workforce in Malta

Investors who consider that Malta is the proper solution for company relocation might be interested in hiring local staff and fill in the gaps which can be met at the time the business opens in another country. Being recognized for a flexible and well-prepared workforce among the European countries, the labor force in Malta is in most of the cases in the attention of foreign entrepreneurs. In terms of costs, these are 30% lower compared to other states in Europe, even if an equilibrium between the salary, the experience and the wages is observed. More than 90% of the citizens in Malta are fluently speaking English, but you can also rely on Italian, French or German speakers for your business relocated to Malta.

Being attracted by a stable business environment in Malta

Numerous investors who decide for business in Malta are aware of the opportunities provided on the market and appreciate the stable business climate and the permissive legislation applicable to foreign investors. Malta is a respected financial center and aligns with the EU directives in matters of company formation and business. Having a stable economy that continues to thrive on a yearly basis will represent an important advantage when deciding for company relocation to Malta.

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