Social Media ‘Facts’ Entrepreneurs Should Know

Social Media Facts Entrepreneurs Must Know To Attract Customers

We live in a new cultural age of frenetic social interaction where breaking news, world events, and millions of tweets and facebook messages flood the internet. As quick as blinking eyes, information is shared amongst a global audience at the touch of a button. Social media has captured the world in a tantalizing way that even Einstein, the genius guru, could not have imagined.

With powerful platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ the social media craze dramatically changed our lives in how we live and communicate, find dates, research facts, shop online and start businesses. If we are business owners, social media can aid us to increase (or reduce) the productivity of an existing business.

Entrepreneurs and marketing specialists must not miss out on elevating their businesses to the highest level of success by capitializing on billions of social media users.

Before diving into this wired-up world, it is very important to understand the data behind each social media network to gain insight into “what works” and how it really works to reel in customers to purchase products or services.

“We have technology, finally, that for the first time in human history allows people to maintain rich connections with much larger numbers of people,” says Pierre Omidyar, founder of Ebay.

“Our power has been matched and, in some categories, rivaled by user influence,” said Nick Brien, CEO of Interpublic Groups McCann.

social media buttons
Social Media Buttons

Amazing Social Media Usage Statistics

Here are fascinating social media statistics and figures to help entrepreneurs, marketers and communication lovers to see the important statistics behind Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and others:

(1) Facebook: Research shows there are at least 1.5 billion active Facebook users, a 21 percent increase since last year. Although fierce competition is nipping at their heels, Facebook still reigns as the social media king.

(2) Google+plus: Google-plus is the second largest network and continues to grow at a rapid pace. As an upgrade from original Google, people are still grappling with how to use it. Statistics indicate there are 345 million active monthly users on Google-plus

(3) Twitter is a network so valuable it fills the gap between mass media and social media. Watch any TV program or tune in on radio programs and internet podcasts, and you see Twitter used to obtain instant feedback. Empowered with its simplicity and real time feed, the recent stats on Twitter show it has over 280 million monthly active users.

(4) Linkedin: Linkedin falls far behind Facebook and Google+ with active users. This may result from its work and design still in progress with approximately 240 million users. The focus of LinkedIn is business life.

(5) Youtube: Youtube is the Rolls Royce of online video with over 1 billion unique visitors monthly. It is awesome!

(6) Instagram: What may come as a surprise is the fact that Facebook purchased Instagram last year. This purchase was a smart move. With 150 million users, Instagram revved up Facebook mobile advertising. And Instagram is steadily growing, with 1.2 billion Likes each day.

(7) Pinterest: Pinterest quickly attracted broad interest. With slightly over 70 million users, Pinterest is popular for its “Pinboard.” It also had a powerful impact on web design and Google+ design.

(8) Vine: Twitter owns the newer social media platform called Vine. Vine is a rapidly growing network with an estimated 40 million users that started its’ service in January 2013. What is awesome about Vine’s rapid growth of users is the fact it only had 13 million users in June. Now with 40-plus million users, those numbers show an increase of 27 million within just three months.

(9) Tumblr: Yahoo purchased Tumblr last year to capitalize on approximately 245 million visitors. According to Qantcast, Tumblr is a great, easy to use blogging tool that’s visual and mobile, and whose audience is mostly savvy, young technicians.

(10) Foursquare: Created in 2009 by Dennis and Naveen Crowley, Foursquare is a GPS location-based site designed for mobile devices like smartphones. Foursquare allows users to post their location to connect with friends or find a particular business or new restaurant in a area where the user is located. Simply put, this network allows instant interaction with the environment. With approximately 30-plus million users, as of April 2012, Foursquare registered more than 2 billion check-ins.

Don’t Wait – Get Started Now

A powerful social media presence is a must for every business, irrespective of it’s size or reputation. The rule of thumb is all about traffic, so start building relationships with online users through social media.

That’s where your potential customers are hanging out.

Do it now.

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