Smart Mattress Market To Explode By 2025

Smart devices have slowly started to become commonplace in our daily lives. Smart mattresses, as CNET explains, can connect to other smart devices within the house to ensure the highest quality of sleep possible. Smart mattresses are not a new development, but they have been gaining in popularity ever since people began adding smart devices to their houses to keep them connected and make their lives easier.

Health and fitness tracking is a significant part of the smart devices industry. Sleep also factors into the overall health and wellness of an individual. HuffPost mentions that the premise of the smart mattress is, like software, to be able to detect and improve delivering its services over time. The New York Post notes that we spend as much as 50% of our lives laying around in bed, and if that’s the case, the smart mattress industry should be poised to grow massively over the next few years.

A Complete Monitoring System states that while in the past people had to rely on sleep clinics to get insight into their sleeping habits, today a set of connected devices can give that same information, hooked up to an adjustable bed. While the technology for monitoring sleep and restfulness can attach to a regular mattress, smart mattresses come with additional features that make them an even better method of monitoring sleep cycles and experiencing slumber on a level that most people haven’t before.

The Promise of a Good Night’s Rest

LifeWire reports that smart beds (the incorporation of a smart mattress into a complete sleeping system) offer several features that make them attractive for users to get good sleep. However, as Fast Company mentions, the use of a smart bed might be hoping for too much from automation technology []. Connected smart technology is only as good as the application controlling it. If the application fails to initialize correctly or resets itself in the middle of the night, the result could be a mattress that’s probably worse than one that isn’t hooked up with sensors.

Burgeoning Growth in the Industry

According to Market Watch, the smart mattress market is expected to see a massive increase by 2025, as the field is expected to see a gargantuan 52% growth during that period. The expected explosion of the smart mattress market comes from more and more people coming to accept how important having a good night’s sleep can be to their overall health and wellbeing. A smart mattress is just the latest tool in the arsenal of people who want to make sure they take care of their bodily needs.

What to Expect from Smart Mattresses

The latest research by CMR offers insights into how the market is expected to grow over time and what impact this could bring to the existing players in the field. The study was done, taking into account several factors that may affect the overall demand on the market and how features on single mattresses impact customer interest.

Going forward, only time will tell if the market approximations are in line with CMR’s reports and if we will indeed see as massive growth in the sector. The long-term outlook, as expressed by the CMR study, depends heavily on the market penetration of smart mattresses and what they offer to consumers to make them want to replace their ed. Technology penetration of intelligent devices is high, but smart mattresses still need to be aware of the reluctance of people to adopt new technology, no matter how many features it sports.