Record, Replay and Schedule Your Keyboard, Mouse Actions

Sometimes we need to repeat keyboard and mouse actions. Why would we want to do that? Perhaps to make an on-screen presentation, or we may need to auto fill forms or reports. What we need is some kind of recording system that can later repeat those movements and keypresses.

A small company known as Jitbit has a new upgrade to their MacroRecorder. The latest release is version 3.1. Jitbit are the authors of the award winning Net Profile Switch, a network profile manager for laptops.

Jitbit says macro recorder 3.1 is the next generation of their software product. MacroRecorder 3.1 records keystrokes, mouse movements and clicks. Once recorded, a sequence can then be replayed or saved to disk. It can even be compiled into an executable Windows file (.exe) to be replayed automatically on another machine.

The latest release has a completely redesigned user interface (in the style of Office-2003). It also includes many new commands and statements, such as: shutdown/reboot/logoff and others. There is also a minor bug fix related to aborting a macro, when recording very large timeouts.

Jitbit says their Macro Recorder will saves customers a lot of time on repetitive tasks. They say it can be used to automate ANY activity in ANY windows application, even recording on-screen presentations and tutorials.

No special programming skills are required to use the utility. All mouse and keyboard actions are recorded and all the recorded information can be edited. They say that with only a small amount of skill, you can easily debug your macros by inserting breakpoints, playing partially, looping your playback. You can also insert custom commands and statements into a recording: “launch website”, “wait for window”, “goto”, “shutdown” and more.

Programmers and tech heads will love this because there is a complete macro-editing workshop built in. The company says it is easy to work with for anyone even those who do not have “geek” genes.

“I work at the department of statistics and in my work I pretty often need to fill in various forms and write general reports,” says Liza Lawrence, a Jitbit customer. “Macro Recorder saves my time and helps me to concentrate on the most important parts of my work. This is a really handy piece of software.”

Victor, another customer said, “What I especially like about MacroRecorder is its user-friendly interface. Now I can forget about hours wasted on reading lengthy manuals. The clarity and functionality that it has been designed with save my time dramatically.”

Alan Gray
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